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Who: Damon
Where: The bunker, Claire's bedroom
When: Morning, Day 29
Invited: Daisy, Whomever is in Claire's body
Status: Incomplete

John Locke was nowhere in sight, which Damon was glad of. It was one thing to wake up in bed in Daisy's body; it would have been worse to recover memories and experience the body swap next to Locke. (Or doing something with Locke.)

Damon repressed a shudder.

"First things first," Damon decided. He had to find his body, and it was probably a good guess that if he was in Daisy's that Daisy was in his. (That's how these things work right?)

He glanced down again, glad that Daisy was dressed, even if her gown allowed him to sneak glimpses of things he shouldn't be glimpsing. Feeling a blush rise to his (her?) cheeks, Damon averted his gaze. A quick search of the closet revealed a robe, and he modestly covered himself. (At least I don't think that I've ever seen Daisy flaunting it in the halls.) Damon admitted he could be wrong; he was usually preoccupied with Claire.

"Claire!" (What if this isn't just me and Daisy? What if happened to other people? What if -)

What if's weren't going to help anyone. Damon tied the robe and hurried out of the room and down the hall to Claire's room. He could hear Aaron's hungry-demanding screams from the hall and he didn't hesitate to throw open the door and run into the room. Claire – oddly enough – was out like a light, and Aaron was nearly inconsolable. Damon reached empathically for the baby and gave a grunt of frustration as Daisy's less than evolved mind didn't behave as he wanted.

The tempo of Aaron's cries changed, and Damon drew a breath. (Calm thoughts, soothing thoughts.)

"You have to be calm and quiet. Think calm thoughts," Damon threw at Daisy over his shoulder and tried very hard not to freak at the sight of his own body. "It's the only way he'll calm down."

Without waiting for the blonde (redhead?) to respond, Damon scooped Aaron up in his arms. He cooed softly to the baby, familiar words even if the arms and smell and voice were unfamiliar. He hoped it would calm Aaron down a bit.

The wails continued for a bit and then Aaron wiggled around. His little head turned, his mouth puckered and he pressed his very red face right into Damon's left breast.

"Perfect. Just perfect," Damon muttered. "Now would be a great time to wake up, Claire."


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(Calm thoughts,) Daisy thought. (Easier said than done.)

The sight of herself--or of her body somehow inhabited by someone other than her--was surreal. Which, of course, didn't help to think calm thoughts. Fortunately, "she" picked up the squalling infant and tried to comfort him.

Daisy could--again--feel Aaron's reaction. He began to calm down, feeling more secure, if no less hungry. Eventually he settled down and attempted to nurse. (Ouch,) Daisy thought. The little beggar was doomed to disappointment. "Daisy" muttered something, but Daisy only caught the end of it.

"...would be a great time to wake up, Claire."

"You're...Damon?" Daisy asked.

"Yeah," Damon said with Daisy's voice. When he turned her head to look at Daisy, it didn't look right. Daisy stared for a moment trying to figure out what was wrong. After a moment it came to her, she was used to seeing herself from the outside only in a mirror. It made more of a difference than she'd have expected.

"Daisy?" Damon asked. Daisy nodded. Aaron made an unhappy noise, finding his attempt to nurse rather unsatisfactory. "I don't suppose you know what happened?"

Daisy shook her head. "I was hoping you did."

"What about--" Damon said, then hesitated for a moment. Then, "What about Ami or...the others?"

Daisy thought the people she'd heard or felt in her mind. "Ami's switched places with Blaise," she reported. "And Dr. House seems to have swapped with Scott."

Damon's sour look wasn't at all attractive on her face, Daisy decided. "Swell," Damon said.


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The copper was not a happy bleeding bunny. People were talking in the vicinity of his comfortable sleeping spot, but at least the baby had shut up. Mostly. The voices started up again too, just softer. As if that made things better!

"Bollocks to the lot of you," he grunted, rolling over and grabbing for something to throw.. then stopped. What the hell were these balloons doing under his chest, and why did he sound like a bloody choir boy?


It took a minute for Gene's sleep-fogged brain - staring at a hand that wasn't his, attached to an arm that felt weaker than a plonk's.. - to realise the question was aimed at him. The baby started whimpering again.

"Not on your nelly." There was that voice again, the one that sounded like his voice never broke. Shaky, much to his shame, but a terrible thought went through his head as memories of the fucked up world of 2004 rushed in. "Tyler!"

He pushed himself upright, brushing longer hair from his face and belatedly checking that he was 'decent' when those balloons followed him - no no no no no - eyes fixated on that child while someone put two and two together.


"No, it's the bleeding tooth fairy." He glared at the redheaded bloke - Damon, wasn't it? "Out with it then. Who pressed which fucking button now and when are you gobshites going to fix it?"

The mite - Aaron? - bawled his little head off. There was a reason why Gene and the missus never had kids. Clamping his too-small hands over his ears, Gene nodded to the woman - Daisy - holding him and nodded towards the door.

"We've established that I'm not his bleeding mother, all right? Get him out of here. Find whatsherface."

She shook her head angrily while trying to shush the baby, like Gene was some kind of idiot, but it was the lad who answered.

"That would be you right now, sweetie." His cheeky smile could double as wicked, on a woman's face. Flippin' Nora.. "And Baby's hungry."


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"No." "Yes!" "No!"


Claire had never experienced a hangover like this before - let alone waking up in a lumbering, flabby, male body - but she was buggered if she was going to let it keep her from looking after her baby. Aside from the obvious, which was making it doubly hard to keep her thoughts together, and what on earth did this bloke use as aftershave? Brut, whisky or both?

She felt completely and utterly helpless as she stared at poor Aaron in Daisy's arms, itching to take him herself but not wanting to expose him to the combination of stranger plus cigarette and alcohol fumes. Instead she dragged her eyes away to glare at the interloper, cruelly delighted to see that he was already feeling the consequences of not answering the baby's cry.

"I don't care whether you're that Pommie wanker or some other idiot, but you will not be the reason my baby starves."

The twisted grimace on her face was not pretty. She hoped her return effort was just as ugly.

"That DHARMA crew stocked everything here, so find some bloody formula."

"Not likely. That wouldn't stop the leaking or the pain anyway, not for a while. I'm not planning to stay in this pack of lard that long anyway."

Hunt's - her - eyes narrowed. "Then either give me my perfectly good body back, or I'll go searching for it m'self."

Claire blinked. She'd automatically assumed that they couldn't do anything about the situation, but.. Her eyes sought out others in the room for the first time since she'd entered.


'Damon' shook his head gently and pointed towards 'Daisy', who half-smiled, half-shrugged, still rocking her distraught son. Hers, not his. Claire bit her lip - even when he wasn't himself, he was still great with Aaron.. who wasn't his after all.. The headache strengthened and tears appeared in her eyes.

"Oi! No poncy bloody crying in my body!"

"Watch your mouth," she growled, glad for the first time for that voice she'd inherited.

Striding across the room, she stood in front of her own body and tried to think of anything that might make them swap back. She grabbed her hands; nope. Kept hold and concentrated; not a chance. Kept hold, concentrated and closed her eyes for good measure; still nothing.

"Are you done?" Hunt demanded. "That kid probably thinks you're trying to molest his mother."

She reeled back, reflexively wiping her hands on Hunt's clothes. Even the thought of this body hugging her own added to the nausea. "Well you're not going anywhere till you've taken care of Aaron, so best get on with it."

Hunt rolled his eyes. "You lot are worse than a broken record. Ever thought about the fact that I don't know how, even if I wanted to?"

Claire's laugh was weak, faltering as she sank into a chair and placed her unfamiliar head in unfamiliar hands. "Just trust Aaron. He's the hungry one."

"Him and me both. I need a fucking drink." She heard the obnoxious man snort. "All right then, hand 'im over. The sooner I prove how useless this is the better."


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OOC: please excuse me while I pick myself off the floor.. XD

Gene had never seen himself look so mortified. Red-faced, weeping, and was 'she' rocking? God, he was glad the lads weren't here to see this. Not that he was mortified in the slightest, not at all. No. He didn't have some blushing blonde bird - who was actually a bloke - pawing at his - his! - boobs. No. Because that would be fucking insane! About as insane as -


Not looking down, not looking down, not looking down..

His eyes snapped open wide regardless, staring dead at the wall and not thinking about babies and their feeding habits.. especially not those involving him. This was completely the opposite of right, so much so that he'd rather be wearing make up on Canal Street and dancing like some kind of male - definitely male - Carmen Miranda. Even the lads could watch, if it'd get him out of this mess. Except Ray.

"How long do I have to stay like this?" Gene ground out, arms as fixed in place as the rest of his body. To do anything else would feel like he was accepting the situation, which he bloody well didn't.

His own voice replied, tinny despite the balls he knew he had. Trust a woman to turn him into some kind of whimpering idiot. "If you let him continue till he's full, you're more likely to have a decent wait before he's hungry again."

"Well thank you for that fine piece of precise, factual bollocks!"

[Daisy] Surprise!

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Daisy tried not to laugh. She really, really did.

It wasn't funny! she told herself. But--come on, of course it was. That obnoxious, sexist bastard reduced (in his mind, at least) to a mere woman. A slip of a woman at that. A new mother with breasts full of milk and a hungry infant in his arms.

The island had been a font of inconvenience, discomfort and weirdness since they crashed here. But this once it seemed to dispensed some justice. Just maybe Detective Inspector Gene Hunt would learn a little something from this incident.

Daisy laughed--and instantly felt the murderous rage that rolled off of Hunt like a slap in the face. Claire's face twisted in a very unattractive scowl and she stared daggers at Daisy. "Don't you laugh at me, you bastard!" Claire roared, not remembering--or perhaps not caring--that it was Daisy, not Damon laughing.

Aaron stopped nursing to voice his fear and alarm at the hostility suddenly radiating off his mother. As his screamed his displeasure, Damon turned to glare over his shoulder at Daisy--and seeing her own face glaring at her was weirdly disquieting.

"You're. Not. Helping," Damon said. The unspoken thought, If you aren't going to help, get out. came through loud and clear.

The laughter died away abruptly. The stew of terror, humiliation, rage, and disdain from the three other occupants of the room was tangible. It was oppressive, stifling. Daisy desperately wanted to escape it. She wanted to be somewhere else. Anywhere else--

--and suddenly she was standing in loose sand, blinking tear-filled eyes as the after image of the early morning sun hung in her field of vision. She raised one hand to shield her eyes from the brilliance of the sun.

A stiff breeze filled with the smell of the sea blew in her face, stirring the hair on head--and on her arms and legs. Daisy shivered at the alien feel of it. She heard the crash of the surf, and the screech of gulls overhead.

(I'm on the beach,) Daisy thought dully. She looked around, knowing before she turned her head that she'd see the makeshift shelters and debris of the survivors' camp all around her. She thought she ought to be shocked by this turn of events but she just didn't have it in her.

Surprise fatigue Blaise had called it once. (Good name for it,) Daisy thought. So Damon could...vanish and reappear somewhere else? (What a useful talent,) Daisy thought. (It would make Reaping so much more convenient--)

"Damon? Is that you?"

Daisy turned. Hurley stood behind her. Something about his posture was off. "No, I'm Daisy. Daisy Adair. You're not Hurley. Who are you?"

Hurley smiled as if pleased. "Very good. I'm Sue. Sue Cullen."

Joining in the laugh.

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Hard to type with eyes full o tears. God, I love this com. My face hurts...

Re: OOC: Poorly Worded

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*snigger* I have to admit that I didn't think of that, but uh.. yes *cough* interesting XD

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