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Who: Damon
Where: The bunker, Claire's bedroom
When: Morning, Day 29
Invited: Daisy, Whomever is in Claire's body
Status: Incomplete

John Locke was nowhere in sight, which Damon was glad of. It was one thing to wake up in bed in Daisy's body; it would have been worse to recover memories and experience the body swap next to Locke. (Or doing something with Locke.)

Damon repressed a shudder.

"First things first," Damon decided. He had to find his body, and it was probably a good guess that if he was in Daisy's that Daisy was in his. (That's how these things work right?)

He glanced down again, glad that Daisy was dressed, even if her gown allowed him to sneak glimpses of things he shouldn't be glimpsing. Feeling a blush rise to his (her?) cheeks, Damon averted his gaze. A quick search of the closet revealed a robe, and he modestly covered himself. (At least I don't think that I've ever seen Daisy flaunting it in the halls.) Damon admitted he could be wrong; he was usually preoccupied with Claire.

"Claire!" (What if this isn't just me and Daisy? What if happened to other people? What if -)

What if's weren't going to help anyone. Damon tied the robe and hurried out of the room and down the hall to Claire's room. He could hear Aaron's hungry-demanding screams from the hall and he didn't hesitate to throw open the door and run into the room. Claire – oddly enough – was out like a light, and Aaron was nearly inconsolable. Damon reached empathically for the baby and gave a grunt of frustration as Daisy's less than evolved mind didn't behave as he wanted.

The tempo of Aaron's cries changed, and Damon drew a breath. (Calm thoughts, soothing thoughts.)

"You have to be calm and quiet. Think calm thoughts," Damon threw at Daisy over his shoulder and tried very hard not to freak at the sight of his own body. "It's the only way he'll calm down."

Without waiting for the blonde (redhead?) to respond, Damon scooped Aaron up in his arms. He cooed softly to the baby, familiar words even if the arms and smell and voice were unfamiliar. He hoped it would calm Aaron down a bit.

The wails continued for a bit and then Aaron wiggled around. His little head turned, his mouth puckered and he pressed his very red face right into Damon's left breast.

"Perfect. Just perfect," Damon muttered. "Now would be a great time to wake up, Claire."
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