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Who: Alia
Where: The jungle, a short walk from the bunker
When: Day 29, morning, after Who da Man?
Invited: Open
Status: Complete

It wasn't until Alia had made her way out into the jungle and was alone that Zoey finally reappeared. She wasted no time in starting to curse, apparently continuing a tirade which had started before she'd entered the Imaging Chamber. Alia leaned herself against a comfortable tree and waited patiently for her to recover her senses long enough to deliver some useful information. Eventually, Zoey paused for breath.

"Daniel Jackson has swapped bodies with the Doctor," Alia said. "Which one of them should I kill?"

Zoey cursed again, even more foully than before.

"Neither of them, for now," she said. "Thames thinks we should just kill both of them and get you out of here as quickly as possible, but Lothos wants to do it properly. We discussed some of the calculations and I think he's right, but it's frustrating. What's wrong with this horrible island?"

"Magic, alien technology... they've got everything going on here."

"Well, alien technology we've seen before. Just not this much of it."

"We have?"

"You don't remember?"

"No. The holes in my memory from the Leap weren't filled in when the general amnesia stopped."

"Another inconvenient snag. Still, nothing worse than we're used to. Even the vaunted Dr Beckett has memory problems."

"He also has no idea where he's going or why."

"Somebody has to be the trailblazer," Zoey said, tapping her handlink. "There is some good news at least. Lothos hasn't tracked any changes to the timeline yet. Your presence here remains unnoticed, and this body swapping doesn't seem to change anything. Whoever it is who leaves this island with the identity of Daniel Jackson still does what they did before, and so that's the person you need to kill. Lothos speculates that it is the real Daniel Jackson we are after. This body swapping is probably just a temporary setback."

"Good. It's confusing enough around here without that."

"Until then, just keep your nose out of any trouble. Once Dr. Jackson is back in his own body, kill him and Lothos will pull you out."

"I look forward to it. Is there any sign of another Leaper?"

"Another Leaper? What makes you say that?"

"Just this island. I almost expect the next person I touch to turn into Sam Beckett."

"Heaven forbid that," Zoey said. "But we'll keep an eye on things just in case."

"Thank you."

Zoey punched the handlink and departed through the shimmering door, leaving Alia alone.

"Lay low, hmm?" she muttered, looking around. "If this place will let me."

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