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Who: Radek
Where: The Labs
When: Day 29, morning, after Who da Man?
Invited: Rodney, Open
Status: Incomplete

Radek paced, still not used to the shorter legs of Rodney's body. As he paced, he muttered to himself, trying to figure out exactly what had happened. Of course he'd had a hand in the investigations of Machello's machine, but nothing Radek had been able to find here even resembled it.

Resigned to let others do the digging for truth, he had tried to turn his attention back to the segment of the Dart that was in the lab, but even then he couldn't concentrate.

He unconsciously reached up to push his glasses further up his nose... but they weren't there! "RODNEY!!!" he bellowed, now intent on finding his erstwhile 'friend' and trying to do more than pace and worry. He finally headed out of the lab and into the bunker proper.
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Rodney was in no mood. Granted, it could have been much, much worse, that is, he could have been in... say... Chloe's body, or worse yet, she could have been in his. He'd probably die of the embarrassment, though he'd never let on. No... instead, it was much easier to get out of the entire emotional rollercoaster that was the cafeteria, what with the magic discussions going on. He'd like to see anything NEAR laboratory conditions when it came to that... control groups, anything vaguely approximating real scientific theory. It was obvious to him that it was magic that was their REAL problem here, and it'd naturally fall to him to fix it.

Thankfully, he had Radek here, too, though, again, he'd never admit it. Honestly, he wouldn't wish being here on his worst enemy, much less someone he considered a friend.

Wandering around the corridors, ostensibly to clear his head, he took note of everything he had, and everything he didn't. He couldn't use the Wraith's transmatter device as they didn't have any baselines for anyone here. Not unless those DHARMA people used Ancient scanners on any of the pati-- victims. And, there was really no indication through all those files that they had. So, that was out.

Rounding a corner, Rodney came face to face with his body... and, of course, the other scientist. "I need to check my notes on the TARDIS..." He waved a dismissive hand in the air to forestall any potential questions or anything else that may come from the Czech. "It's another spaceship... but it travels in time as well as space." That's all he'll offer until he gets back to the lab. "There's got to be something there. We'll have to find The Doctor, too. It may not have exactly what we need, but we might be able to rig it." Between the 3 of them.


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Radek was given a long stare as he paused in the corridor on his way towards the Geek Lab. It, too, really probably lost a great deal in the 'translation', as it were, coming from the mouse of a man, and Rodney sighed, the sound longsuffering, and pushed the stupid glasses up again. "Will you please get contacts or something?" They were getting more than annoying now.

"Anyway..." Rodney's hands came up in gesture. "The Doctor is an alien from a race that was ancient before the Ancients built..." Atlantis. Even here, the scientist really doesn't want to mention the Lost City by name. What he's seen, if the wrong person hears about it, the expedition could be in trouble, and honestly, he doesn't trust everyone here.

"Still... time is subjective, and they're basically... out of time, if that makes any sense. I got to look at his ship, the TARDIS, and you might learn something from my notes." Nobel Prize winning stuff in there, if he could figure out how to work it so it doesn't look as if it came out of nowhere. Still, he'd been heartened by The Doctor, assuming it was this dimension he was talking about... As for the Doctor stealing the ship and the technology? He wouldn't grace it with an answer. He knew, from working with the man, that he was on the level, as it were.

"It might have something, I don't know. And if The Doctor got swapped, there might be a real problem. Sort of like stuffing an Ascended Ancient back into a human body..." Uh oh. Rodney looked... worried for a moment, genuinely concerned. "I have to find him."


Date: 2007-06-15 03:39 pm (UTC)
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The Doctor came into the Geek Lab and brooded. Only because Time Lords don't pout. The brood. He was a manly brooder. Definitely wasn't pouting. And if it did look like pouting, then it was just that Daniel's face didn't manage brooding just right.

"Oona chased me out. Said I wasn't helping and my constant questions were distracting. Me! I studied mathematics and physics when you lot thought you silly little planet was flat. I was navigating time and space 900 years ago. And *I'M* too distracting?"


Date: 2007-06-16 02:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lost-mckay.livejournal.com
"Good news?" Rodney's voice was a little high, even in the other man's slightly more basso tones. "Okay, Dr. Sunshine... I'm glad there's something bright in all this, because for a moment, I thought--" we were all screwed, having to potentially rely on magic. Magic!



Rodney turned around to watch the archaologist, anthropologist, lin-- yes.. Daniel's body walked in, and stared. It was only a moment, however, when he recognized that it was, indeed, The Doctor. He glanced at Radek; that should answer some of the man's questions regarding qualifications (at least for the moment, and besides, HE trusted the Timelord... wasn't that enough?), and returned back to the alien.

"Doctor... I was thinking, when I was interrupted by Dr. Happy here, that perhaps there is something in the TARDIS that could, well.. um.. sense wrong EEGs? That we could use the transmat device off the dart, hook it up to your ship, and... voila?" So easy, now that he had a few minutes to work out all those pesky details. "Using the transmat itself wouldn't work, because we have no baselines to work from."


Date: 2007-06-16 05:21 pm (UTC)
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The Doctor looked from the new guy and Rodney, then back again. New guy had Rodney's stance and body language.

"On the up side, at least we switched with males. On the down side, I've only got four senses and they're not even that sharp. The eyesight here is deplorable." The Doctor muttered as he crossed to Rodney in new guy.

"Who are you then?" He looked at Rodney's body. "Don't think I've met you. You weren't in with the rescues the other day."

And how were they supposed to guard themselves if new people just fell out of the sky all the time?

"Ah... well..." Back to Rodney's suggestion. I can chart the different EEG's. Could have done it with the screwdriver if Daniel didn't have the psychic ability of a tree stump. I may be able to patch something together from some bits and bobs I have on the Tardis. I don't have a ready built device to help, sorry. Plus getting to the parts is iffy, with the low power level. She is able to access about 25% of her internal dimensions now. And some life support. But I'll only have rudimentary communication with her, as Daniel now has our link in HIS head. Rose can help there."

He was rambling again, leaning back, arms crossed. "Had my consciousness transferred once before. Knew a woman who was absolutely brilliant when it came to science and rubbish when it came to morality." Perversely he missed her. Even if they had become enemies, they had once been the best of friends. Even lovers when they were both young and idealistic. But she was gone with the rest of his people. "She would have been able to fix this like that," he snapped his fingers. "Or as likely put your mind in a dog and use your organs for genetic experiments. Funny that way, she was."

The giant mutant rat also brought Ushas to mind. Her first big experiment was genetically enhanced and giant lab mice. Got her banished because her new pet ate the president's cat. Bad form, that. Every time he came across giant rodents she popped to mind.

"The trip out to the Tardis and back will take five days, if we use the rings to get to the beach camp. That's shave five days off any land trek from here. Already discussed making a trip with John and Aeryn."


Date: 2007-06-18 01:56 pm (UTC)
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Rodney pointed to Radek's glasses at the beginning of the Doctor's diatribe, though he completely understood about the stuffing a Timelord into the body of a human. Daniel may have done lots of things, including ascend.. a few times.. but as far as he knew, physiologically, he was still, when all was said and done, human. Even that kid who came back from ascencion was completely human... and it was the fact that he'd physically suffered for being human was something that worried Rodney in regards to The Doctor.

"Dr. Radek Zelenka. One of my scientists." On the expedition to Atlantis. Should be good enough of an introduction to let The Doctor know that, while not as smart as him, the Czech isn't a slouch. When one pushes him, of course. Have to keep on top of the man... "Radek.. The Doctor. Just in case. His body is..." Rodney-in-Radek's expression turns questionning, glancing over to Daniel.. "Where?.. we probably could use him too.. but 25% is going to be hard to work with, unless we can pick and choose our locations that she shows us?" So simple, yes?

"We could get the EEGs, try to match them up with the different DNA types..." Here, he could really use Carson, but Dr. House might have to do, "though I'm pretty sure everyone'll insist on their own bodies anyway. It'd take a while to patch the wraith dematerializer into the TARDIS systems, but it wouldn't be impossible." If they had the time.

Rodney felt better now that they had a plan, and he counted everything they'd need, everyone they'd need, and how much time on each finger, this time, as he looked at Radek, waiting for the man to fill in as he'd always done, completely ignoring the look. He worked best, though he wouldn't admit it, with sounding boards.

"Rose, Daniel, you--"

He was stopped in midsentence by a wave of nausea and disorientation, and he reached up to dig fists into his eyes as he doubled over. A whimper exited the man, and for a brief moment, things felt 'right'. It was for only a split-second, however, and that wave of disorientation crashed over him again, and he lost his balance, falling to the floor. Thankfully, not unconscious, but decidedly woozy. He's... not a strong man of strong constitution.


Date: 2007-06-18 04:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] purplerhino.livejournal.com
At the same moment as the others, the Doctor felt a wrenching shift. He was in another room, and he could feel everything. The shift of time, the thousands of possible branches of what could be, and the certainty of what was. He could smell all the sharp scents, the chemicals and hormones in the air, he could feel the eddies of the air shift on his face and hands. He could feel his glorious Tardis pulse in him mind with joy, and the emotional link he shared with Rose, where she was... and then he was back, shoved down and cut off.

He held on to the table he was leaning against to steady himself. "Was that good or bad, I wonder?"

[McKay] We are screwed!

Date: 2007-06-19 12:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lost-mckay.livejournal.com
"That can't be good..."

A million different reasons how they could all be so very screwed shot through Rodney's brain as he tried to focus on standing. He shook his head as if to clear it and looked between his two friends. "Well, it could be that our friends the magicians tried to fix the problem, and it won't be fixed... or we're in the middle of some voodoo tug-of-war." Which, since getting to the island, was quite possible, in his mind.

"Right... I think we need to go to the TARDIS. We'll need Rose, Daniel, you..." He pointed at The Doctor, "...You," Now, Radek. "Anyone I'm leaving out?" Five day walk, he wasn't looking forward to it, but if magic is going to backfire, then...

"We'll need to check medical again, make sure we're not missing anything there. Then, ring back... and yes, Radek. Goa'uld ring technology. Here. We even have an Asgard teleporter here."

[NPC Jon]

Date: 2007-06-19 09:33 pm (UTC)
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"So, campers, what have the brains of the operation come up with?" Jon let himself into the Geek Lab without knocking or asking. McKay spent half the time treating him like the other Jack O'Neill, even knowing that Jon was not Jack O'Neill, but it didn't stop him from taking advantage of the deference when it was permitted.

The magic types could look over spell books and translate ancient languages all they wanted, but Jon preferred to put his trust in science. Science was the real deal. Science worked. It didn't matter that half the time he really didn't get the words that poured out of McKay's mouth or the Doctor's, it was science and so far science hadn't failed him yet.

Unless you count being a teenage clone, Jon added sourly.

He shoved his hands in his pockets and rocked on his heels and quickly realigned his mind to accepting that the Daniel in the room wasn't his Daniel, and hey, "Who's the new guy? We really need to work on closing that revolving door unless it's getting us out of here."


Date: 2007-06-20 02:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lost-mckay.livejournal.com
As long as one kept Rodney McKay focused, and not panicking, things would be okay; The scientist would make sure of it, or, die trying. That, he'd proven in the past year, millions of light years away from home.

"I don't have any more room at the tables." Now, McKay was beginning to feel a little proprietary of his lab. It was his little niche he'd carved out for himself and, well, The Doctor, but that was out of courtesy. After all, the Timelord had let him look around the TARDIS, and vague promises made for letting him fly in it when all was over. When Radek came, it was out of the fact that the man was a colleague. But now, when yet someone else comes falling out of the sky, and a rumour bounds that he -might- be a scientist...

Glancing over his shoulder as Jon strode in, McKay straightened slightly, whether out of annoyance or a modicum of 'respect' (He couldn't get it out of his head that the kid was a CLONE of General O'Neill), he clears his throat and looks to the other two men before starting the explanation of his idea. Not that he remembered that the General preferred things explained simply.

"Yes, well... we have absolutely no idea what just happened, but we have a potential solution. If, that is, we can get the TARDIS' power to actually allocate towards the systems and resources we need." Not telling how much the TARDIS actually has, though the Doctor mentionned it. Rodney held things close to his vest when the chances were good that he was going to get shouted down over an idea. "And, um... if everything checks out, we'll be able to get EEG scans and-and-and whatnot together before we use the wraith's dematerializer to..." He gestured with his hands as he explained, "try to separate them out and put them back... in the right spots." It sounded tenuous, certainly, and he added quickly, "We're going to run tests, simulations, and work out the math before we even start. First, we have to get the medical records from everyone involved... did Dr. Jackson get a list of everyone involved? From everyone involved, see if they happened to get their biorythms measured... but if not, we can do that later..."

Rodney snapped his fingers at Radek and pointed out, and directionally down the hall. "The records room... We're going to need it before we go." Suddenly, however, after the order/request was given, he put his hand up briefly. "Dr. Radek Zelenka. Jon Murphy." Radek probably read the mission file on the kid... Most everything SG-1 did was required reading for those whose job it was to be in the know. And, second only to Rodney, the Czech 'had to know'. "Jon.. one of my scientists... who is now going to be going to the office to pull those files..."


Date: 2007-06-20 01:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lost-mckay.livejournal.com
Radek is later in the timeline than Rodney is. He doesn't know about that! Rodney is just after 'The Siege', when they went back to Earth to hire new people. ;)


Date: 2007-06-20 02:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lost-mckay.livejournal.com
Rodney paused and stared at the other scientist. Glared would be a better description, which turned to disbelief, his jaw dropping as he took a step closer to his erstwhile 'friend' and colleague. "What? I had--" -- almost taken apart, almost mapped out.. almost..

He turned deliberately and took hold of his laptop and pulled it closer, opening the top. Quick, aggrevated keystrokes opened the menu choices, and with a quick pulldown, turned it to Zelenka. There, were -some- of the schematics of, at least, the power source. The dematerializer, while they got it functioning, was still something of a mystery that he hadn't been able to work out, or rather, just didn't have the time.

As the rest of Radek's words trickled down into the man's irate consciousness, he froze, and a puzzled expression came across his face. "What? Swapped bodies?" Uh oh.... and he had to rely on... Radek? But, more importantly, the other scientist actually had experience in this... but he'd gotten swapped? He looked at the Doctor-in-Daniel body; he hadn't been told about this one, but who said that the Timelord had to warn everyone about their future? He probably couldn't, thanks to some fineprint of 'The future may look bigger than it actually is'.. sort of thing. Open themselves to litigation--

"Fine." He wished he could pull the laptop and tuck it under his arm to take it, but there was that little voice that told him Radek'd need it. "Just... get this stuff ready." His hand waved at some of the collected 'stuff'. "I don't know what we'll need, but the TARDIS doesn't have an infinite supply of riggable components."

Heading towards the door, he paused for a moment in the threshold, and stepped out into the corridor. The crowded corridor.



Date: 2007-06-21 12:15 am (UTC)
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The Doctor managed to squeeze around behind Radek.

"It's been my considerable experience that a row of numbers moving backwards is very rarely a good thing. Unless it's on an oven or microwave." The Doctor checked the computer, running the screwdriver over it. He couldn't use his usual psychic settings, but not all were.

"There's a remote here. Not detectable until activated." The Doctor tried opening the old computer, and it would not open. He used the screwdriver again.

"This is Deadlock Sealed. Who deadlock seals an old computer? Who knows HOW to deadlock seal anything on this planet at this time... About as many people as use Time Lord technology to create time bubbles and ring transporters elsewhere." The Doctor started to mutter as he climbed under the table.

"Aha... go the direction of the remote. It emitted a pulse. Can't get to the remote though." H

e popped his head... or Daniel's head... out from under the table. "There's a receiver somewhere in this building. You two see if you can stop the numbers from going backward with the program that started it. I'll see if I can find the receiver. Not to worry. I'm a genius and Rodney isn't half smart. Haven't seen you work yet, but we'll get this sorted. Stopped lots of ominous countdowns, me."

The Doctor stayed down, on his hands and knees, or hand and knees and he held the screwdriver in one hand. He was following some invisible mark on the floor. He opened the door and continued his three limbed crawl out the door and down the hall.

He payed no head to those people he passed or how he looked.

OOC: Hey now ...

Date: 2007-06-19 03:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] fikgirl.livejournal.com
I'm just now catching up, but I think that Daniel might have a bit more psychic ability than a stump (unless that's the Doctor being the Doctor) ... you know with the post-Ascension and all that. Something had to carry over ... even if Daniel isn't aware of it.

That's my theory at least.

... but that's okay. While the Doctor is insulting Daniel's body, the Doctor's body is molested by Faith (http://community.livejournal.com/crossing_lostrp/145220.html).


Date: 2007-06-22 08:12 pm (UTC)
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The Doctor did his odd three limbed crawl right into the surveillance control room. Aha! Hide the receiver amidst all the video receivers and no one would notice it. Clever really.

Yep, there it was. Right under the concrete.

The Doctor set the detection to a broader range. Hmmm... Plastique... tripwires and connection wires. He followed one connection to the base of a support strut within the concrete wall. The whole place was set to explode and implode at the same time. Whoever set it up was brilliant. The tripwires and sensors meant if anyone tried to break up the concrete it would set off the explosives.

And that program had just activated the timer.

The Doctor instinctively tried to mentally warn Rose. But he didn't have the connection anymore.

He bent down over the receiver and attempted to deactivate the countdown. He shook the sonic screwdriver and tried again. The receiver was Deadlock Sealed as well. He couldn't access it. Not without forcibly breaking open the titanium casing. And that was under the concrete. With a tripwire set up.

The Doctor stood up. "Oh." Daniel's eyebrows rose up high on his forehead. "OH!"

He ran down the hallway and threw open the Geek lab door.

"Might I make the immediate suggestion that we all... run."


Date: 2007-06-27 01:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lost-mckay.livejournal.com
McKay was in the control room, checking the files, having moved on from the corridor before the Doctor made his odd entrance. Downloading the files from the main system, very important. While he was no medical doctor, he knew that the files had to contain -something- they could use, something they could transfer into the TARDIS to make it just that much easier to match everyone.

One file transferred, two... his fingers were adept at the keys.. three...

As Dani-- er.. The Doctor entered in his crawl, and the discovery and subsequent rapid departure, the man's words, "Might I make the immediate suggestion that we all... run." echoed.

Rodney looked down, blinked a couple of times, and fell to the ground, looking at the spot where such attention had been given not a second ago. His face fell, a soft "Hooo boy..." was given, and looking over his shoulder at the download, now moving way too slowly for him, he glanced over and back a couple more times before he jumped on the computer, stopped the progress, and grabbed the disk... and ran out of the room towards the Geek Lab.


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