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Who: Ami (in Blaise)
Where: One of the corridors
When: During Research, research, research
Invited: Anyone
Status: Complete

((OOC: Different corridor from where Faith is molesting Daniel))

Without anything a lot to contribute to the magic discussions and debate, Ami and Scott took a hint from and followed the examples of others who filtered out of the cafeteria. (After being reassured, of course, that Ash would be allowed nowhere near any more "spells" or magic and that he was still free game for an ass kicking.)

She retrieved some of Blaise's clothes - careful not to rummage too much through his things - and the odd couple retired back to their room, which was simultaneously weird and creepy and uncomfortable and yet so very right. It was the one place that could provide comfort and some semblance of familiarity when everything was so far from comfortable and familiar.

I got a better end of it than Scott, Ami watched Scott-in-House's body recline on the bed, resting. She might have been male (And empty and lonely in my head), but Blaise was not only healthy and in good shape, but he was a fit bloke as well. If Scott had gotten swapped into a female body, then it would have been a bit tempting to "see how the other half lived." Hypocritical much? Ami recalled how she nixed Ripley's advances on her body with Blaise in residence. She was just lucky that Blaise was as loyal and faithful to his wife as she was to Scott.

But why House? Of all the bodies, why did Scott get stuck in that wanker's?

Still he was her Scott and she was here and they were together. They'd stick together and make it through this until it was reversed. Because there was no way that Ami would allow herself to believe that it wouldn't be reversed. It might be fun and different to be in a male body for a bit, but she missed her link with Scott and she missed Megabyte, and she missed all the telepathic and empathic background noise that was so much a part of her.

How did non-telepaths live like this? All alone and empty with nothing and no one to share themselves with? Not connected to anyone or anything but themselves?

Ami shuddered. She couldn't let herself think about it for very long.

Her eyes caught her reflection in the mirror and she paused after giving a bit of a start. Unable to repress the silly urge, Ami glanced back to make certain that Scott was sleeping and then did a body builder's flex. The giggle that escaped was completely out of place in Blaise's body. The man was truly built and firm, and Ami couldn't resist pulling off the shirt and doing a few more flexes, feeling the tightening and tautness of his arm muscles, and watching the rippling of Blaise's abdomen.

Oh, if Scott had only gotten a female body . . .

Embarrassment rushed in at the thought, then guilt as her mind traitorously called up Faith's teasing and suggestiveness. The thought of experimenting in Blaise's body sent blood rushing southward and mortification replaced guilt as she felt herself growing harder and more erect. Fortunately, the sheer surprise of experiencing an erection from a different perspective and the ensuing guilty thoughts worked like a cold shower. Of course, thoughts of a cold shower sent Ami's mind spiraling down a different path . . .

This wasn't an opportunity that she'd likely get again ever. It would just be a little bit of exploration and experimentation, a little bit of solo play couldn't hurt anything and Blaise would never know . . .

She simply had to find someplace a bit more private.

Ami was en route to the shower when the corridor tilted and slid away from her. With a cry of surprise, Ami jerked and gripped the sides of her chair in just enough time to stop herself from lurching face forward onto the floor. Thoughts, voices, feelings, emotions and a Scott - most importantly Scott - rushed in, drowning her. Delighted, Ami didn't shield, she embraced it all, heedless of the headache and disorientation she would suffer later.

/I'm back! Scott we're back!/

Shift. Tilt. Spin.

Ami slumped against the wall in the corridor and nearly cried as she realized she was back in Blaise's body and the moment was gone.

"Fuck," Ami muttered. "When do we get a break?"

((OOC: [livejournal.com profile] starborn_scribe, hope you don't mind where I placed Scott. If so, I can edit.))

[Scott] Sweet dreams

Date: 2007-06-19 07:12 pm (UTC)
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OOC: Placement is just fine. :)

Scott and Ami lie side by side on a blanket in the afternoon sun. The cool ocean breeze negated most of the heat, making sunbathing enjoyable.

/I'm thirsty,/ Ami thought sleepily.

Scott caressed her mind iwth his. /Me, too. Another pina colada?/

/Yes, please./

After mustering the energy Scott opened his eyes and pushed himself up to his elbows. Footsteps hurried over. "More ice water, sir?" Ash asked.

"No. Two pina coladas," Scott replied. "A little more pineapple juice this time."

"Right away, sir." Ash padded toward the treeline, calling, "Greg! Two pina coladas. More pineapple juice."

"You got it." The doctor's voice was actually pleasant.

The world lurched and emotions flooded Scott's mind. He was inside the bunker, as was Ami, who was as alarmed as he was.

And delighted. /I'm back! Scott we're back!/

Scott blinked at Kenzaki and the pretty young Asian woman as he struggled to make sense of what was happening. (Not on the beach. Went to the bathroom... House... We switched--)

Everything shifted again. Achiness and nausea replaced empathy and his link with Ami. Realizing that he was lying on a bed, Scott managed to lean over the edge to empty his (House's) stomach.

Vomiting had gotten rid of most of the nausea, thankfully. Although he felt bad about the mess, Scott didn't have the energy or motivation to do anything about it. Instead he lie back down and tried to crawl back into the wonderful dream the island had teased him out of.


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"Oh that mother fucking son of a bitch!" Charlie Shannon bellowed, coming around the corner. "I'll kill him!"

Shannon looked up just in time to avoid colliding with Soldier Boy. Assuming it was Soldier Boy...whatever his name was. She couldn't remember. It hadn't ever really been important.

"What?" he asked. "What's wrong?"

Shannon glared at him for an instant, outraged by his temerity--until reason prevailed over outrage and she remembered that he had no idea what she was so exercised about.

Waking up to find herself in this sleazoid's body was bad enough. Knowing that he was back on the beach in her body was worse. But--oh god--the momentary reversal was horrific!

Shannon staggered, falling against the wall of the corridor. The next instant she naked on her makeshift bed, fondling her breasts with one hand and frantically masturbating herself with the other. She was sweating and breathing hard, as if she'd been at this for a while.

The glorious tension peaked. Shannon went rigid, awash in pleasure. She may have made a tiny squeaking noise--

--and then she'd fallen to her knees on the hard concrete floor of the bunker, gasping for breath, feeling like she'd stripped the gears in her brain.

Shannon looked at Soldier Boy and felt her face grow hot. Humiliation, furious anger and dismay all struggled for supremacy. (I'll kill the little bastard, I swear.)

"Nothing!" Shannon snapped. "Nothing's wrong! Leave me alone!" she added, then turned and fled in a stumbling run.

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