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Molly  was sitting on her own bed, trying to get the constant input under control.  The walk back to the bunker had allowed her to acclimate to it a bit slower, not just suddenly assaulted.  Although the novelty of touching steel had been a thrill, it had faded really quickly.

And the fact that she could FEEL  Jack and Ripley going at it like furless bunnies was so not helping.  Not when you hadn’t had sex in ten years and couldn't recall half of that.

The sudden lurching moments ago and finding herself once more feeling the magic was glorious… only to have it ripped away once more.

Something flashed brighter in her mind than the rest of the flood.  SHIT!

This wasn’t good.  For the thousandth time she wondered how River lived like this.

Knowing that telling anyone was going to get her nowhere, Molly started out into the hall to find some extra linins and the big sewing kit she’d found.  They’d come in handy. 


Date: 2007-06-26 08:14 pm (UTC)
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Would you mind if Miho joins this post?


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Miho had left Kenzaki to help House and slipped away quietly. She wanted to learn more of this strange place, but her senses still seemed muted. She was sure that Kenzaki's body was more than human, but even with that knowledge she felt weaker, more useless.

Sighing softly, she ruffled her hand through Kenzaki's short hair, but it was then that she heard a miserable voice muttering and whispering. Faint though it was, she couldn't just ignore it. She turned away from the crowds gathering in the canteen and approached the voice.

The sight that reached her was of a young, thin girl, rocking back and forth on her bed, with several packed pillow cases beside her.

Miho watched for a few seconds, then as she realised that the girl was crying, she stepped forward and knelt. "It won't do any good to ask if you're OK, but can I help somehow?" she asked, well aware that her voice didn't sound feminine at all, in fact since she currently inhabited a man's body it was amusing to hear that even the inflections didn't sound like her own.


Date: 2007-06-27 07:39 am (UTC)
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Miho smiled gently at Molly, well aware of the confusion she was feeling. "No, we hadn't met until now, but it is a pleasure."

Molly shook her head. "Only if you can stop people from thinking. Make these flashes stop. River has no shields. Stripped bare and left in the hurricane. Oh Daana, I'm even talking like her now. This isn't my body. River's in me. I hope she's finding some peace there. This is hell. Torment no one should have to take."

"I was always told by my Sensei that if you want to block thoughts, you have to make your own thoughts loudest" a wry grin touched her lips and eyes "but then, not being even slightly prone to psychic messages, I never really understood what he meant. I'm sorry, but all I can do is offer you company to try and take your mind off this at least a little."

Molly grasped Miho/Kenzaki's hand. "Something's coming. Fire and smoke. Gotta be ready. No one will listen. I know that. They'll think I went crazy like River. Like Cassandra. No one listened to her and Troy fell. It burned because they wouldn't listen to her truths. So I'm making us ready."

Miho's eyes went wide, knowing that despite the frantic words, Molly was probably right. "Then, how about we work together? Two pairs of hands make moving things far easier and concentrating on this and on a conversation shouuld help you..." She didn't know the woman's name yet, but she wouldn't worry about that yet.

"Miho? Are you afraid of the dark?"

The question took her by surprise and Miho blinked, trying to formulate an answer. She'd faced demons, dragons and others, but the fear of the dark was a primal fear. "No, not afraid of the dark itself. Afraid of the inhabitants of the Dark, yes. But the darkness has a fear of the light, so we will always have ways of asuaging that fear."


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Miho reached out and gently took Molly's hand "Well, Molly Green, if it helps we're all stuck in situations that are hard." There was, however, an awarenesss in Miho that Molly would probably read her thoughts ~but you can count on me to help you, if I can.~

She smiled and rose, remarkably fluidly, considering her unfamiliarity with her borrowed body. "My name is Miho Ryudo, but if it's easier for you, you can call me Sandra, since that was my name before I moved to Japan. Now, let's see about getting this gear outside, while you continue packing, hmm? I'll make sure everything is far enough away that nothing bad can get to it."

Miho knew Kenzaki was strong, so now was a good opportunity to use that strength and start carting gear outside. She picked up one after another of the pillowcases, easily holding five in each hand, then headed for the door and the outside of the bunker.

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