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Who: Chloe, Faith, George, Jack, Damon, Claire, Gene (and Aaron)
When: After/concurrent with Driving to Distraction
Where: Claire's room, aka The Nursery
Invited: Closed
Status: Complete

Note: I'm god-modding Captain Jack a bit, I'm afraid. Sorry about that, Rhoni, but it's only for a bit and it's in a good cause!

Chloe knocked on the door to Claire's room, then opened it without waiting for an answer. Claire was sitting on her bed nursing Aaron with Daisy in attendance. Detective Inspector Hunt stood nearby in an uncharacteristically anxious stance. Daisy glared at Chloe. "Do you mind? We'd like some privacy here--"

"I think we can put things right again," Chloe interrupted.

"Come right in," Daisy said instantly at the same time that Claire said, "Get the bloody hell in here in and do it!" Chloe entered, leading a parade. Faith, Jack and George followed.

The look of mingled hope and anxiety on Hunt's face and the way he clasped his hands was just wrong, and a little effeminate. Chloe glanced from his face to Claire's as the light dawned. She bit her lip for a moment as she mastered the impulse to laugh. "Claire?"

"Yes," Hunt said.

"So do it already, ye bloody--" Claire visibly stopped herself from continuing, perhaps realizing that cursing at the people who claimed to be able to set things right wasn't the best of ideas just now. She glanced down at Aaron, who was energetically nursing, then up at Chloe. "Please," she said.

"That must have hurt to say," George commented.

"You'll never know," Claire muttered.

"So," Daisy said, clapping her hands together and rubbing them briskly. "What's the plan?"

So this was the moment of truth. Chloe felt all the eyes on her and hoped she wasn't getting them worked up for nothing. "The plan," she said, "is for you...Damon?" Daisy nodded. "Is for you to pull George and Jack's souls from their bodies and swap them around. Then George--"

"What? I'm not--"

"Not a Grim Reaper? But here and now you are. So is Jack," Chloe said. Jack waved a hand and wiggled his--George's--fingers in agreement.

"But--how do I..."

"Just reach in and grab it," George said. She moved around to sit on the foot of Claire's bed. "And I'd sit down for this, Jack," she added. After a moment's hesitation, Jack joined her.

Damon took a little more persuading, but eventually he gave it a try. It was...amazing to watch. Chloe had seen the video of Daisy's rampage, but seeing it person was even spookier. Damon leaned down and gripped George's shoulder briefly--and she fell backwards on the bed, unconscious or dead for all Chloe could tell.

Damon leaped back, eyes wide as he stared at nothing--and no one--Chloe could see. Then he nodded as if agreeing to something, and did the same to Jack. Jack fell backward limply. Damon conversed with Jack and George briefly (Chloe could only assume), then knelt between them, raised his hands and slowly lowered them until he touched their foreheads.

George and Jack both opened their eyes abruptly. George sat upright, slapping Damon's hand away. "Holy shit, that's weird! Fuck!" (Well, no doubt that's George,) Chloe thought.

"I thought you did that every day," Faith said from behind Chloe.

George scrambled off the bed. "Yeah, but I do it--I don't have it done to me. The one time it happened to me, I had no idea. One minute I was alive and the next I was blown to bits."

"It worked?" Claire--Gene--asked. "Really worked? Then do me!" He thrust the child at Daisy. "C'mon, c'mon!"

George looked at Damon. "You want I should--"

"Yes, please," Damon said, eager to have someone else deal with the situation.

"Okay," George said. She looked at DI Hunt. "Claire? You ready?" She was.

George swapped Hunt and Claire back into their proper bodies and Chloe wasn't sure who was more relieved--Gene, Claire or Damon. Speaking of which... Chloe asked, "Damon, where's Daisy?" From the looks exchanged between the three of them before Damon said, "Uh, she...left" she knew there was something they weren't telling her.

"Ready?" George asked Chloe and Faith.

Before Chloe could answer, Faith said, "Hang on a sec, George." She turned Chloe around and stepped up very close. "This is my last chance," she said--and pulled Chloe into a long, fierce kiss. Chloe got over her surprise quickly and melted into it. (What the hell,) Chloe thought. Faith was right. She did her best to devour Faith and drive her crazy with desire. All too soon George pried them apart, threatening to turn a fire hose on them.

Chloe stepped back, meeting Faith's eyes and promising to follow up on that promise as soon as she could manage it. When she looked away she saw George rolling her eyes. Jack was grinning merrily. Claire and Damon looked embarrassed to be witnesses to their display, and Hunt looked utterly gobsmacked.

"Sit down," George told them. Chloe and Faith settled on the bed. George reached out to touch Chloe's shoulder...

George was right. It was really fucking weird. But it worked. Now they could set things right again.
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