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Who: Daniel Jackson
When: NOW!
Where: Just outside the lab (initially)
Invited: ALL PLAY
Status: Very Dangerous Complete

Tara's report that George and Chloe had worked out how to fix the bodyswapping problem was very welcome news. Daniel was sure that the Doctor felt likewise. They had started back up the hallway to find George and Chloe get swapped back. Neither of them said anything, but investigating Shannon's--Charlie's--death further could wait. He--or she or they--weren't going anywhere.

The prospect of getting his body back made Daniel happy. So happy, in fact, that he wasn't at all surprised when he heard McKay and Zelenka bickering as he reached the open door of the Geek Lab. Nor was he surprised to hear the undercurrent of alarm in their voices. (Naturally,) Daniel thought. (It wouldn't be the island if it didn't serve up one unpleasant surprise after another.)

"Maybe if you--"

"I already tried that. Do you think I didn't know to try that?"

"What about interrupting this circuit here--"

"That's...a possibility." Silence, save for frantic tapping of keys. "No, it's no good."

"Maybe it can't be stopped."

"Of course it can be stopped! It-it-it would be the height of folly to build a self-destruct that you can't deactivate!"

"Then why can't we--"

"Because a self-destruct with an obvious OFF switch isn't much good, is it?"


Daniel and the Doctor stopped at the doorway and glanced inside. McKay and Zelenka were shoulder to shoulder, peering at a display on one of the laptops. "Is there a problem?" Daniel asked.

Zelenka looked up. "You could say that," he snapped. "The countdown is, uh, counting down."

"I thought that was taken care of," Daniel said.

"It was," Zelenka--Rodney--said. "It was!" he repeated at Daniel's look. An expression of dismay crossed his face. "Only...there seems to be..."


"There seems to be a...second countdown."

Beside him Zelenka in Rodney's body was frantically typing on the keyboard. "It's not working," he commented aloud, perhaps to himself, perhaps to Rodney or Daniel, or everyone. "It's not working!"

"Rodney?" Daniel asked in his Tell me something helpful voice.

"Daniel?" Zelenka replied, in his I got nothing voice.

"Doctor?" Daniel asked, turning to him.

"I already gave these two my best advice earlier: Run for your life!"

Daniel looked at Rodney and Zelenka. "You can't stop it?"

They glanced at one another, then back at Daniel. "Well...given time--"

"Yes or no?" Daniel demanded.

"No," they chorused.

"How long?"

"Five minutes," Rodney and Zelenka chorused again. "Maybe," Rodney added.

(Nothing like time pressure to make a bad day even worse,) Daniel thought. "Get out. Now. If you can't snatch it up on the way out the door, leave it!"

Rodney looked horrified. "But--" he gestured vaguely at all the equipment around him.

Daniel asked, "What makes you think we can trust the timer? Get out now. Warn everyone you see. We'll do the same. Move!"

Daniel didn't wait for a reply. He ran down to the doorway to the near cafeteria, where the research had been going on. "Everyone out! The bunker is going to blow up. We've got maybe five minutes! Get out now! Warn everyone you see!"

Daniel looked around but didn't see the Doctor, then vaguely recalled him running past, presumably on his way to the other side of the bunker to warn the people there. "I'm not joking," Daniel said. "Get out--now!"

There was a moment of stunned silence, then chaos. Daniel ran off to spread the word to anyone and everyone he could reach.

* * *

OOC: The bunker is going to be going away very shortly. The characters have no idea exactly how soon that will happen, but it will be very soon--so play it accordingly. The time for careful packing and squirreling away of useful items is over. At this point, your PCs have time to maybe grab one or two things that are of value to them before fleeing the bunker--but nothing more.

The rationale behind destroying the bunker is that the characters have gotten too comfortable there. We're going back to basics for the second season: survivors of a plane crash (and other castaways) surviving on a largely deserted tropical island with very little in the way of supplies. So I repeat, your PC may be able to rescue one or two things that are important to them, but that's it. The vast majority of the food, equipment, tools, etc. in the bunker will be lost.

Unless [livejournal.com profile] fikgirl overrules me, I'm not going to insist on a turn-based approach (waiting for everyone to post before you post a second time in this thread). This game event is by it's very nature going to be chaotic. But focus on what your PCs are doing amidst the chaos; there's little time for more than the most basic conversations.

P.S. This would be a good time to mark all the earlier threads closed. We'll be migrating to the new forums beginning on Sunday.

[Tara] Spreading the word and running

Date: 2007-06-29 05:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] weirdweb.livejournal.com
Tara was already running before Daniel finished the last sentence - straight for Claire's room.

She threw the door open, nearly hitting Gene in the head with it. "Oi! What do you think--" Gene began.

Tara ignored his bluster. "We-we need to get out of here, now! The bunker's going to explode!" Gene stared at her like she was nuts, and opened his mouth to tell her so. "There's no time! We need to get out NOW!"

((OOC: Fixed. Sorry.))

[Scott-in-House, Ami, Sam Tyler, Ripley] WTF?

Date: 2007-06-29 05:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] starborn-scribe.livejournal.com
Scott was resting in a cafeteria chair when Daniel burst into the room. "There's a self-destruct counting down. Everyone outside, now!"

Thanks to Molly's warnings few protested. As Scott struggled to his feet he asked, "How long until--"

"Supposedly four minutes," the Doctor-in-Daniel snapped as he scooped up some of the gathered supplies. "D'you want to wait and see if the timer's accurate?"

Scott didn't bother answering the rhetorical question. A surge of adrenaline suppressed most of his aches and pains. Suddenly Ami-in-Blaise was at his side, wrapping one arm under his shoulders.

"Wait!" Sam Tyler's voice cried. Ripley-in-Brit rushed up to them. To Ami she said, "You're stronger than me at the moment. I'll get Scott out of here. You get your stuff and as many supplies as you can."

"I can--" Scott began protesting. Ripley's glare silenced him.

"Right," Ami agreed.

Before Scott could react Ripley had scooped him up and was heading for the outside door. Something drew her attention, and she halted. "Tyler! You're the fastest and strongest of us here*. The place is gonna blow."

"Wot?!" Ripley's voice said.

Ripley ignored the interruption. "Check all the rooms. Drag people outside if you have to. MOVE!" She followed her own advice, resuming the bumpy trip up the stairs and into the jungle.

Ami had gotten ahead of them somehow. She dropped an impressive amount of bags and supplies a short distance inside of the treeline. Ripley soon caught up, muttering something about Tyler needing to work out. She set Scott on his feet near the growing pile of supplies.

"Thanks," Scott said sincerely. He tried not to think about how emasculating the whole experience was.

* To the best of Ripley's knowledge.

[May-in-Hiro, NPC Hiro-in-May]

Date: 2007-06-29 05:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] weirdweb.livejournal.com
Just as Daniel burst in, Hiro clutched at the back of his neck and cried out. "Oh, hell," May muttered, knowing exactly what that meant.

So she was already moving before Daniel confirmed the need to leave. Hiro already had her backpack, so she grabbed his arm and started tugging him towards the door. He didn't protest and caught on quickly as they bolted outside. Hiro started sprinting to the treeline, May trailing behind him. He paused and ran back to pull her along. "You really need to take up jogging," she joked as they reached the treeline at the same time that Ami-in-Blaise did.

She caught her breath as Ripley-in-Sam carried Scott over to the pile. "Who's unaccounted for? I could help if I was in my own body."


Date: 2007-06-29 05:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] estirose.livejournal.com
Kenzaki's English was a bit limited, but even he understood the body language of danger and figured that he didn't have time to retrieve his stuff in the storage room. At least his most important stuff - his passport and the card - were in his pockets on his own body.

He grabbed a handful of random items from the kitchen and ran out.


Date: 2007-06-29 08:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] purplerhino.livejournal.com
Jack heard the Doctor's shouting, and without thinking about it started running down the halls banging on doors.

"Evacuate NOW. The place is gonna blow in three minutes or less. Evacuate now!" Slamming his fist on any closed door. "This is not a drill. Run as far and fast as you can."

He repeated himself down one hall. Most of the doors were empty, and the rooms looked like that had been looted.

He looked at the door to the med lab when Daniel... no - the Doctor grabbed him. "No time. You seen Rose?"

"Outside, wearing a helmet. She's got the puppy and the new one out there." River's body ran past the too men, pulling a wheeled carry on and a pillowcase under her arm. Got her out ten minutes ago." She yelled over her shoulder.

"Right. Out we go." the Doctor propelled Jack to the exit.


Date: 2007-06-29 08:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] purplerhino.livejournal.com
Oona's eyes went wide at the shouts.

"The books, grab as many as you can carry!" She didn't doubt the message with the general panic. Nor what she had seen of this place so far.

Nor did she think of grabbing food or anything, just the knowledge before her. Right there and ready to grab.

She shoved a pile at Adam, ones she knew were accurate and rare. She grabbed two armfuls more.

"Tara... Willow, the books. Just grab the books."

Trusting the others to do what they could, and hopefully save some of the bound treasures, she headed up the stairs, looking behind to see Adam right behind her.

She followed the path other people were already running down. Even if they had grabbed as many books as they could, too many were going to be lost. Books burnt. Was it why it was in the dream? Was it some sort of doom she had called by mentioning burning books.

Ah, but lives were much more important. She half prayed half willed everyone to get out. Had the new mother and infant made it?

She half turned to go back and ran into Adam with his armful. His had grabbed her arm and propelled her forward.

"Claire and her baby..."

Adam looked momentarily uncomfortable, but recovered quickly. "I'm certain they're everyone's concern. Someone will already have them out. Keep moving."


Date: 2007-06-29 09:19 pm (UTC)
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From: [identity profile] beccadg.livejournal.com
(OOC *Snickers.* At least Adam has nice long arms to put a big load of books in, and if he doesn't wholly make it out of the bunker, as long as his head is still attached, he can be dug out later. *veg*)

Methos stiffened at the shouting, hearing in it the loss of everything he'd left behind in his room. He nodded with Oona's shouted order to grab as many of the books as they could carry. Methos was just beginning to pick up some of them when she shoved a pile at him. He held them close, not questioning the books she chose to save. Methos followed her out. Being close on her heels he saw her glance back to be certain he was behind her.

"I'm right behind you," Methos assured Oona while he kept moving. The thought of how much was going to be lost tried to tug at him, but he pushed it aside to stay focused on saving what could be saved. Methos knew from his long years of survival, saving what they could was what was important now. If they survived they'd have time to mourn their losses later. He frowned when he caught Oona half turning to go back, blocking her way. Methos grabbed her arm as best he could without dropping any of the precious books and propelled her forward to safety. He didn't flinch at Oona's mention of Claire and her baby, but he suspected she caught his discomfort before he assured her, "I'm certain they're everyone's concern. Someone will already have them out. Keep moving."

Except of course Methos wasn't certain just who was looking out for Claire and her baby. He knew very well in a crisis talk of "women and children first" was nothing but talk. Methos glanced back to see if there was anyone behind him. Would he drop the books to help someone else get out? Methos wasn't sure and he prayed he wasn't going to have to find out.


Date: 2007-06-29 10:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] purplerhino.livejournal.com
Considering how uncomfortable Aaron made Methos. Newborn pre-immortal, you know. Never saw one born before.

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From: [identity profile] purplerhino.livejournal.com
Oona was not used to running blindly. She usually could see her route. But brush tugged at her skirt and slapped at her legs. Sapling limbs whipped at her arms, and she felt the fine cuts.

Then she was falling, the books flying around her as she tried to catch herself. People running by kicked several of the tomes as they went.

Of all the... It was such a unbelieveably stupid horror movie cliche she couldn't manage to swallow around the pure humiliation. Done in by tree root.

She rotated her ankle, testing it even as she got to her knees and plucked up the books nearest her. Ankle was fine. She pushed aside brush and recovered a third leatherbound volume, but she'd had eight.

Someone was pulling at her arm.

No. She had to get them. The seconds were ticking away. Blood was running down her arm.

No one was pounding past now. She could get them.

((OOC: Books are lost. Please don't have anyone pick them up. :) Thanks.))


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Date: 2007-06-29 08:43 pm (UTC)
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Underneath the bunker, a quarter mile down in the rock, it waited. It had only managed to find its way here a little over a century ago. But this was the place. It had called to the ones before, leading them to this place. To build here. They didn't know they were being called. But their darkness responded to the call.

Soon. Soon it would begin again.


Date: 2007-06-29 10:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] purplerhino.livejournal.com
Jack shoved the Doctor out the door. "Go to Rose."

"Molly said she was outside, but not where. Where are you off to?" The Doctor half glared at Jack.

"Gotta make sure the most vulnerable are out. Go."

The Doctor was pushed a bit as people shoved past to get into the wood. "I'll join you."

"No you won't. You're in Daniel's body, and you have to keep it safe. Rose is out there, and you have to keep her safe. You aren't a Time Lord right now, you're human. Go." Jack shoved him in the direction the others were going.

Jack offered a salute. "See you in Hell."

Then he was pushing down the stairs, against the flow of the exodus. He pushed past and finally spotted Tara with Claire and baby Aaron.

"What happened to women and children first?" Jack got behind both women and made sure both were able to make it outside. "I was starting to worry you'd get left behind."

And no way was he leaving a mother and baby behind.


Date: 2007-06-29 11:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] purplerhino.livejournal.com
ROTFLMAO!!! Everyone's grabbing something personal (if it's still there) and what does Damon get? A bag full of baby shit!

[Tara, May-in-Hiro, NPC Hiro-in-May, NPC Claire]

Date: 2007-06-29 11:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] weirdweb.livejournal.com
((OOC: And I'm NPCing Hiro again, sorry, but neither he nor May would hang back and do nothing.))

As Jack guided them both outside and ducked back into the sea of running people, Tara took Claire by the shoulder, supporting her as they stumbled across the clearing. Claire was holding Aaron as tightly as she dared, and Aaron started to wail.

So distracted was she by the chaos and Aaron's cries that Claire didn't notice the rock in her path. Her foot snagged and she pitched forward so abruptly that Tara stumbled as well, losing her grip on Claire's shoulder.

But then May was there, catching Claire by the shoulders easily. "Are you all right?"

Claire stared at the girl blankly, and Tara realized it was Hiro in May's body who'd helped her. She was speaking Japanese, which the TARDIS was translating for Tara and not Claire. Someone took her shoulder, and Hiro - no, May in Hiro - helped her stand up. "We're fine," Tara told Hiro. "Thank you."

They broke into a run again, this time with May running interference for Tara and Hiro supporting Claire, and made it into the trees with no further problems. As they approached the area where everyone else was gathering, Claire stopped. "Where's Damon?"

"He hasn't come out yet?" May asked, alarmed.

"No, he stayed behind with Jack to -" Claire began, but May was already turning back.

Tara grabbed her arm. "Wait! No! He's coming. Just give him the chance."


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[Sam Tyler]

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Date: 2007-06-30 12:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] rwarner.livejournal.com
Time spent fighting demons in Sunnydale with Buffy and the Scoobies had helped increase Willow's strength, but being she had essentially been beginning with nothing, she was still at a distinct disadvantage when it came to carrying things, especially things as heavy and bulky as most of the remaining tomes were. But these were books, old and irreplaceable ones at that. She had to do whatever it took to ensure their survival. After a quick glance at the door to make sure Oona was outside, Willow waved her hands over most of the remaining books and quietly said "Livre desencumbre*", picked the rather large pile up easily in one hand and said "Livre oscuro". With her seemingly superhuman feat hidden by the invisibility spell, Willow picked up the last of the unaffected books and made her quick retreat.


Date: 2007-06-30 12:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] purplerhino.livejournal.com
::Mentally slaps Willow through the computer screen. :: LOL. Love the brewing ebilness going on with both Willow and Sam. Ooooh, the possibilities...

Re: OOC:

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Date: 2007-06-30 03:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] purplerhino.livejournal.com
Rose sat atop a pile of luggage and pillowcases stuffed with balled up clothing. Oorie's leash looped around one wrist as she set the soup pot spining between her palms. River in Molly's body sat next to her, wiggling her bare toes at the puppy, trying to distract the animal as it whined and whimpered.

Last trip Miho, River and Molly had made out here Molly had handed the pot to Rose and announced it was a helmet, and that she'd best wear it. Rose had no intention of putting a soup pot on her head. She'd grown out of that at ten.

"Do you have any idea what we're doing out here?" Rose wasn't only asking River. The Tardis only gave her a vague feeling of alarm, which was putting Rose even more on edge.

"Nope. But my brain isn't always liniar. Pop, pop, pop." River made bursting motions with Molly's hands. "Something hits. A feeling, or an image, or just knowing. Then you have to do something, or let the other thoughts roll over you."

River did seem to be doing better inside Molly. But now Molly seemed to be goinf mad. Even if whatever motivated her was real, she was teetering on the brink.

"Do you hear somethin?" Rose stood up and Oorie started to bark. People were crashing through the brush. Running.

"Looks like it's happening." River singsonged wityh Moly's voice.

[Radek, Aeryn (NPC John) and Miho]

Date: 2007-06-30 06:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tweets.livejournal.com

Miho had grabbed more large bundles of essentials than she thought they'd ever use, but she'd more than enough precogs to know that when one saw imminent danger to HEED it. Dropping three more full pillowcases, she'd turned to go back into the bunker, when she suddenly saw groups of people emerging in a panic from the bunker.

Whatever 'it' was, was happening and soon. She had to stay outside now, so settled for directing the traffic and ensuring that everyone who was out here was kept calm and able to communicate any problems easily.


Aeryn (and John).

John was holding off the gawpers, but those gawpers had suddenly started to grow fewer and far between. She'd left the remains in the cupboard, with the intention of leaving it until the morning to clean... but the noises she'd started to hear were quite startling.

'it's going to blow up' she'd heard several times. 'gather only what you can' was the other. She turned in alarm to John, who was loitering on the corner. "We've got to go, John" she said, her eyes widening in fear.

It wasn't a fear of the bunker blowing up, but she knew that outside the heat was searing... and the very thought of heat delerium was real.

Gather up what you can, we need to run.

Running to leave, she moved as quickly as she could through the cramped corridor, aware of John's breath just behind her. Until they emerged into the afternoon heat.

Aeryn flinched, with a soft cry, but John's strong arm around her helped her to continue. "It's alright, babe..." he murmered, guiding her though the clearing and trees, towards the others they'd trailed. "You'll be fine, we'll find you a cool spot where you can wait and we'll make sure you don't get the heat delerium."



They'd STOPPED it. Or so they thought.

Damn it, this place was just one trap after another. Radek watched Rodney as he gathered up what he could, meanwhile Radek folded up the laptop and gathered as much as he could lay his hands on. He was only a scientist, though, so that hardly amounted to much. Some wire, which could be easily looped around his shoulders, his laptop shoved into a bag and also around his shoulders. He looked at the core of the Dart, then with a set expression hefted it and turned for the door with it. Failing all else, it would be useful when they tried to switch the bodies back, the dematerialisation device was highly advanced and it would be essential if their plan was to work.

Laboring under the weight, he was greatful that Rodney's body was a little stronger than his own. He ran... or rather loped out of the corridors and into the afternoon heat, following bodies and voices to the sheltered spot that Molly had chosen. Gasping for air, he paused to gently place the dart core down and then gulped in lungfuls of air while he could.


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[NPC Ripley]

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More OOC applause

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Re: More OOC applause

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OOC applause

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[McKay] Great minds?

Date: 2007-07-01 03:39 pm (UTC)
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'Gotta get the laptop... and the power supply, never know when you need that... and the battery's charged, thankyouthankyouthank you.. Another 3 hours, tops, but those three hours...' McKay was given to talking to himself, particularly in moments of crises, and this was just one of those times. 'Dart power...'

"Radek, the dart power supply and demat! Grab it!"

McKay's voice was echoing the very real fear for his own life. Still, it didn't mean that the man wasn't used to zero-hour countdowns. Numerous times, he'd worked until the last possible second before he made his grand escape, and now seemed to be one of those times. Clothes off his back, his laptop, and the wraith dart power supply and (de)materializer. Everything else was going to be a wash, other than...


No time... and the realization that Radek wasn't quite as strong, physically, as he was, there was no way that he was going to be able to carry anything more.

"Coffee... food!"


Running for the door with his laptop tucked under his arm, the scientist blew through the portals leading to the outside, and safety, panting in stress, fear, frustration, and all around annoyance.

"Why can't we have one day without the entire world going to hell?"

Waking Up is Hard to Do

Date: 2007-07-01 08:58 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] purplerhino.livejournal.com
Everyone made it to the top, where the wounded were being treated. Rose made it over to where they had Jack wrapped up. The blood was already soaking through the sheet.

George was touching the hand that was sticking out of the makeshift shroud, and looking shocked, then worried.

The Doctor was standing there and looked at her. "I'm sorry. So sorry, Rose."

She threw herself into his arms.

That was when the hand that George was stroking grasped her wrist, prompting a rather undignified scream.

The shroud sat up, then fell away.

"God, I hate when that happens." Jack announced, swiping at his bloodied chin with that hand that had been mangled, but was now whole. "Ruined a perfectly good shirt, too." He looked down at his completely bloodsoaked tee shirt.


Date: 2007-07-01 09:24 pm (UTC)

[Jack] Whoa

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