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[livejournal.com profile] crossing_lostrp has entered into its second season and moved to a new location: [livejournal.com profile] fandom_isle.

Please join us there!

A new season, a new beginning
Game Begins on July 1, 2007

F A N D O M     I S L E
Crossing Lost Getting Here is the Easy Part
[livejournal.com profile] fandom_isle is a multi-fandom role-playing game set on an uncharted, deserted tropical island.

Background: It started with the crash of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815. Only a handful of the more than 300 souls aboard survived. Their survival bordered on miraculous but the crash, while tragic, seemed innocuous enough. But that was just the beginning.In the weeks following that crash, the survivors have been joined by numerous others. They've been marooned here by small plane crashes, shipwrecks, malfunctioning stargates, demonic spells, inexplicable portals, even by TARDIS. They've come from past, present and future, from worlds with incompatible histories. Others continue to appear at irregular intervals.

However they've arrived, they have one thing in common. They can't escape. It seems clear now that someone or something is drawing all these people to the island and is holding them there. But who--and why? What is their purpose? Are the other mysterious inhabitants of the island behind it, or are they too pawns? The island is still largely unexplored so perhaps the answers are there to be discovered.

There's always room for new characters on the island. A multi-fandom game allows for interactions between characters who could never otherwise meet. But beware--people are people even on the island. Some have found friendship, even love (or maybe just lust), but others have encountered anger, hatred, jealousy--and death. Not everyone who finds their way to the island survives. There are threats aplenty here, from fellow survivors to accidents, illness, wild animals, or mysterious and deadly creatures nobody has yet seen.
O T H E R      C O M M S      &     I N F O
FAQs // Out-of-Character Community // Administration Comm // The Rules
Claimed Characters // The Wiki

We welcome you to watch, or to submit an application.

Contact fandomislemod@gmail.com for questions.

Life on a desert island isn't always about tropical survival. Sometimes, it's about surviving the weird.
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