Jan. 13th, 2007

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Who: Aiden
Where: Wandering Around in the Jungle somewhere
When: Day 24, late night
Invited: OPEN
Status: Incomplete

She woke up under a large tree. The sound of insects surrounded her in the darkness. She was dazed and disorientated. Her head swam slightly as she sat him. She couldn't see anything in the dark and had to fumble around in her pocket to find her lighter. She snaps it open and the flame jumps to life.

The light permeates the darkness only slightly but it is all she has. She looks about her and is relieved to find the gun she'd brought with her. She gathered herself together and stood, looking around she quickly came to the conclusion she had no idea where in the hell she was in relation to, well, anything.

She sighed, she didn't think it was a good idea to just sit there and hope someone found her. By the time the noticed her missing she'd probably be dead. After all the only jungle she knew how to survive in was the urban jungle.

None the less she picked a direction and started off.

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