Jan. 15th, 2007

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Who: Daniel
Where: The Other Side (ebil!AU 'verse)
When: Day 24
Invited: Anyone who came through the rings, ebil!dopplegangers
Status: Incomplete

The ring transporter activated with its usual speed and flash of light. Daniel assumed that it was with its usual flash of light as all he felt was the familiar tingle and the sudden disorientation that accompanied ring transport. Fortunately, past experience more than prepared him for the disorientation and his gun was in his hand before his eyes found a focal point.

Weapon drawn and at ready was a good thing because the focal point happened to be another set of eyes – clearly startled to see Daniel and the rest of his team standing there.

For what felt like an eternity but had to be no longer than a heartbeat the two groups stared at one another as if trying to determine what was going on. Each side armed – well mostly armed given Damon's complete lack of weaponry of any sort – simply having a good old fashioned stare down.

Some people would have called it comical.

Let the games begin )

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