Jan. 23rd, 2007

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Who: Chris
Where: jungle somewhere outside the Staff
When: Day 26, Evening/Night
Invited: River (or anybody else who can justify being in the jungle outside the Staff)
Status: Incomplete

Chris had wanted an excuse to get outside, and River's request had given him that excuse. He had Orbed her out to the jungle, away from other people, where she could get some peace and he could get some quiet.

He was glad that he hadn't gone on the rescue trip; he needed the break from being the camp's 'teleporter'. He had confidence that everything was going to be all right, and if not, maybe River would warn him.

River herself was waiflike, staring at the stars through the canopy, as if she wanted to go there. Maybe she could. He knew his abilities were not unique here, why shouldn't she have extraordinary abilities too?
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Who: Daniel
Where: ebil!DHARMA
When: Day 24?
Invited: ebil!Ami, ebil!Daniel (invitees to change in the future)
Status: Incomplete

Daniel forced his eyes open and then wished that he hadn't. Daggers of light stabbed his eyes and pain carved its way through his head. His body reacted involuntarily and eyelids fell like shields against the luminous enemy. The darkness was but a faint refuge. Damage done, the sharp piercing in his brain and just behind his eyes continued. Adding insult to injury, his stomach rebelled and with little consideration for his feelings, his dinner exited his body with unnecessary and cruel force which left him coughing, sweating and panting when it was over.

(Kill me now.) Daniel slumped against something soft.

Not yet.

The voice in his head renewed the sharp edges of pain. Daniel groaned, wrestled with a new round of stomach upheaval and then blissfully embraced the encroaching darkness that swallowed him whole.

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