Jan. 24th, 2007

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Who: AU!Scott, AU!Dr. Janet Frasier, Sam Winchester, DCI Gene Hunt
Where: AU!DHARMA infirmary
When: Day 24
Invited: ebil!doppelgangers, any captives who need medical attention
Status: Complete

Scott was more than a little annoyed with Dr. Frasier. She'd made him wait for hours before he could examine the two unique specimens in the infirmary. They should have been stable within an hour after being admitted. Either the woman was toying with him, drowning in work, or taking her sweet time.

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Jan. 24th, 2007 09:28 pm
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Who: Dean
Where: AU!DHARMA Cell
When: Day 24
Invited: ebil!doppelgangers...or anyone who wants to be in the cell with Dean.
Status: Incomplete

Dean woke up in a haze, or at least he thought he woke up. However,
he seriously reconsidered his first impression as he looked around.
The world around him looked like it was a TV getting bad reception.
Images flickered in and out, spatial perception was all but
non-existent as walls moved in and were straight, then moved out and
were curved. Even the floor existsted at some times, others not. All
of course seen as glimses through the static. It was making him sick.
"Ugh, I feel like the day after I tried to drink Wolverine under the
table. Shit." He closed his eyes and layed his head against the cold
floor. Felt good.

"Dean? Are you there?"

"Wha? Professor Xavier?" That got Dean's attention. He had a
healthy respect for the guy, wheelchair and all. If the Prof was
contacting him it meant 2 things, Wolverine was in big trouble or he
was in big trouble. At least the imagery made sense now. Prof was
trying to create the image of his dome. Must be some heavy duty
shielding to stop the Prof. Dean was impressed.

"Dean, I can't hold the connection long. There's some heavy shielding
preventing my abilities from fully reaching you. Wolverine's been
looking for you. Apparently y'all had arranged to meet at a roadhouse
in Alaska for an arm wrestling competition." The Prof continued with
a hint of bemusement. "He got worried..." Prof. X paused for a
moment. "Wolverine must be in the room with him" Dean thought. "Ok,
not worried, curious. When he couldn't contact you through the usual
channels. He tried your brother, same thing. We've been looking for
you every since. It's been months now. Are you ok?"

"Months?!?!" Dean's attention was fully focused now.

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