Feb. 14th, 2007

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Who: Dr. Meredith Grey
Where: DHARMA Facility 47-A (Universe [redacted])
When: During the Escape
Invited: No one
Status: Complete

Meredith stopped running when she reached a nurses' station at the intersection of two corridors. She was panting, shaking, and thoroughly frightened. She'd thought she was inured to chaos and violence. Turned out she was only used to seeing the aftermath, in a trauma bay or an operating theater. Or to a lesser extent, to inflicting pain and suffering on helpless prisoners. Finding herself in the middle of a running firefight was entirely different. Scary, chaotic, uncomfortable and loud.

Klaxons blared. Fire alarms whooped and lights strobed, identifying emergency exit routes. Sprinklers continued to pump water from the ceiling at a prodigious rate. They had thoroughly doused everyone and everything, causing a large number of computer monitors and other electronics to short out. Meredith had stopped jumping at every sizzling electrical pop. If she were going to be electrocuted, she figured it would have happened by now.

Korev appeared, seizing Meredith by the arm and shouting something incomprehensible over the noise.

"What?" Meredith shouted back.

Korev seized her in his arms and for just a moment Meredith wondered if he'd decided to rape her--or kill her--in the chaos and blame it on the prisoners. Then she hit the floor and Korev's weight slammed down on her as automatic weapons fire chewed up the wall above them. Meredith's vision grayed out for a moment, but she was almost certain she saw a human figure--a woman?--skittering along the ceiling on her hands and feet chased by the line of holes appearing in the top of the wall behind her.

Then Korev was rolling off of her and back to his feet. He glared at the triggerhappy guards who stormed past. The guards continued firing, an earsplitting cacophany. The gunfire petered out, accompanied by shouts with an edge of panic. Korev glanced in the direction the guards had gone, eyes wide, then looked at Meredith. "You owe me, Grey," he said, and then he disappeared--in the opposite direction. The walls boomed hollowly down the corridor. A guard flew into Meredith's field of vision, slammed into the floor and slid out of sight after Korev.

Meredith got to her feet, rubbing her sternum. She was going to be bruised from the fall. Still--Korev probably did save her life, damn his eyes. He'd milk that endlessly. She cautiously glanced down the corridor the guards had taken. They all lay on the floor or sat slumped against the walls, moving feebly if at all. One of the doors beyond them was open, though it should have been locked down. The handle looked twisted out of shape.

The sprinklers abruptly shut off. A moment later the fire alarms went silent. In the relative silence, Meredith could hear gunfire and the softer hiss and sizzle of the Goa'uld zats firing. Pounding feet. Doors slamming. People shouting directions, commands, questions, orders. People screaming, injured or dying. The whole facility shuddered, followed by a dull roar of...something exploding far away. An instant later the fire alarms began shrieking again and the sprinklers sprang to life again.

"Son. Of. A. Bitch!" Meredith cried.

Someone flickered into existence in the middle of the intersection. Red hair, pale skin. He glanced around. He saw Meredith and started, but then dismissed her. Closed his eyes as if in concentration, mouthed a few words silently to himself. It looked like he'd said, "Clear!" He vanished again. Meredith stared at the empty space he had occupied until she realized it was occupied again--by several prisoners.

They were in various states of dress, and most carried weapons of one kind or another. Jack Harkness was among them. He grinned when he saw her. "Doctor Grey," Jack said in greeting.

Meredith didn't like the look in his eyes. She took a step back. "I'd love to stay and chat, but we've got a schedule to keep," Jack said. He advanced slowly. He was holding one of the guards' submachineguns. Meredith was--faintly--relieved to see that he wasn't pointing it at her. "But I do have a promise to keep," Harkness said.

"Wha--?" Meredith began. Harkness moved before she had time to realize what he was doing. He swung the SMG up and then down with great swiftness. The butt of the stock slammed down on Meredith's hand, where it was resting on the counter. Meredith cried out as the bones splintered under the force of the blow. She stumbled back, away from him, behind the counter, clutching her mangled hand in the other. But Harkness didn't follow her.

"You done?" someone asked Harkness.

"Yeah, I'm good," Harkness replied. Then the prisoners--the escapees--moved out of hearing. Meredith slowly collapsed behind the counter, wrapped around her ruined hand, crying and hoping it would be over soon.
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Who: Oona

Where: AU facility

When: Escape

Invited: Open

Status: Incomplete


“You’ll have to go back eventually.  You can’t stay within the Dreaming.”  The vulpine peddler stated as he looked over the array of gems she had lain out.  His whisker’s twitched.  He liked her. 


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