Feb. 18th, 2007

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Who: All Play!
When: Day 28, early morning, immediately following "Tabula Rasa!"
Where: The Staff cafeteria
Invited: All amnesiacs
Status: Complete

Hangover or no, Sam already knew that he was good at observing people and situations and drawing conclusions. (Makes sense for a copper.) For some reason thinking of himself as a police officer filled him with pride.

The group followed the Asian -- (Probably Japanese) -- man down more drab corridors. "Somehow I don't think we're on holiday," he volunteered, earning a few chuckles from the others. "That would be one explanation for why a Londoner, another Northerner, an American, and a Japanese man are in this... structure." He'd gestured at each of his companions accordingly. "According to my badge I'm Detective Inspector Samuel Tyler from Manchester. You've no idea of your names?"

"'Fraid not," the gangly Northerner said cheerfully.

(Another addict? Or maybe we're all nutters,) Sam wondered.

The cafeteria was unremarkable except for the people who'd already gathered... )
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Who: River, Ripley, Ash - Open
When: Day 28, Early Morning
Where: Dharma Medical Facility
Invited: All


(This wouldn’t get out of my head.  Sorry to Drag May along, but I couldn’t see he staying put))


Oona and Molly looked up at the sound of a scream.  It was a primal sound, filled with almost animalistic terror.  Oona looked at May and the other girl looked just as shaken. 


The three women ran out the door and followed the sound to a room down the hall.  Others were also arriving, but Oona, May and Molly were in the doorway first.



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Who: Chris, Tara - Open
When: Day 28, Early Morning
Where: outside
Invited: All
Status: Incomplete

Tara had felt something for a few days before it happened. )

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