Mar. 9th, 2007

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Who: Ami
Where: The Beach
When: Immediately after "Delving in Again"
Invited: Open
Status: Complete

Ami stared at the remains of a fuselage, only the very front few feet not submerged in water. She blinked and waited for the image to clear, trying to figure out what happened. The last she remembered, she'd been in the bedroom wondering what she'd gone and buggered up with Scott and now . . . she was here.

Wherever here was.

(Did I lose my memory again?) Ami questioned.

Mentally, she reached, then stopped. )
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Who: Zoey
Where: Alia's Project
When: An indeterminate amount of time in the future
Invited: Invitations are irrelevant
Status: Self-indulgent

The holographic environment of the Imaging Chamber swirled sickeningly around Zoey as Lothos ran yet another scan through the target time period. It wasn't as bad as it could have been - they knew that Alia had not Leaped, so they could at least target a reasonably narrow window of time. Searching from Alia's birth up to the present would have been intolerable.

Eventually, the swirling images settled )
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Who: Dr. James Wilson (aka Dr. Mengele)
When: Day 28, Morning, during "Search & Rescue"
Where: The holding cells
Invited: Other prisoner NPCs, the Search & Rescue Crew
Status: Complete

John Doe stood as close as he could to the invisible barrier without brushing against and getting another painful jolt. By doing so, and peering down the corridor he could just see a door. An actual, physical door with a small window. The window revealed greenery and daylight. Calling for help seemed pointless--no one had responded yet--but he couldn't resist.

Dr. Wilson contemplates his situation. )

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