Mar. 14th, 2007

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Who: Ami
Where: The Staff, Kitchen
When: Day 28, Sometime between noon and 1PM
Invited: Open to all
Status: Incomplete

Finding her way to the kitchen was easier this time around. Knowing where one is going always makes it easier to get there. The artificial lights – Ami couldn't remember what they were called, but she knew that they mimicked outside sunlight – shone brightly making her think that it was supposed to be indicative of midday. A quick check of the clock on the wall in the surprisingly empty kitchen confirmed that.

Ami walked straightway to the actual kitchen area and began to look in the cupboards and the refrigerator. Someone had started a list of supplies, but it was wholly incomplete. Ami was tempted to work on it until her stomach reminded her – loudly – of her reason for being in the kitchen.

Five minutes of rummaging later, Ami had found a large soup pot, a combination of fresh, frozen and canned vegetables, and noodles. She passed on the beef and chicken flavored buillon and instead stuck to seasonings for the water in the pot.

"Vegetable soup it is," Ami declared to no one in particular and set about cutting the fresh carrots, all the while wondering about the oddities of fresh vegetables on a tropical island.

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