Apr. 6th, 2007

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[OOC: Hope y'all don't mind, but I'm just going to jump in with a new post. If I miss(ed) anything significant, please let me know and I'll edit.]

Who: Daniel
Where: The Staff, cafeteria
When: Evening/Dinner time Day 28
Invited: All
Status: Complete

The time had come to bring all the pieces together and get everyone on the same page. Daniel felt ill-at-ease as he looked over the familiar/unfamiliar faces in the cafeteria, eyes all focused on him waiting for answers, or at least for information. Information that Daniel didn't have a lot of. He did, however, have his journal. After retrieving it from Jon, he sat down and let his brain at the task of unraveling the words and symbols. A little bit of help from the teenager was needed initially, but then the language began to flow and ebb with a loose familiarity. He still struggled in some places, but Daniel now held a faint gist of his life - shortly before arriving on this island and most importantly, since arrival.

After the requisite roll-call, in which everyone who found some means of identification gave their names and those without gave their assumed names, Daniel turned first to identifying the unknowns based on the loose descriptions in his journal.

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