Apr. 22nd, 2007

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Where: The Bunker, Outside and Inside
When: Day 28, Nightfall and after
Invited: Chloe, George, Jack
Status: Incomplete

One thing that Faith noticed on her two treks into the jungle and back again was the sprinkling of tents, shelters and lean-tos that dotted the open field and tree line on the northwestern side of the bunker. There weren't many of them, just enough to suggest that rooms being at a premium was not a new development and that several her fellow "castaways" took to "roughing it." Roughing it was probably a lot easier to handle when there was running water, hot showers and indoor plumbing nearby.

Sleeping outside didn't sound so bad to Faith's ears which made her think that one of the tents was hers. She nosed around, but with only a sleeping bag it was hard to make a determination. (And even if I don't mind sleeping outside, I'd much rather sleep inside if it means sleeping with someone. Or two or three someones.)

Nosing around the other shelters didn't reveal much more, but it distracted Faith from the inevitable thoughts of people lost in the jungle. People that she couldn't help.

In which Faith has a chat, does what she does best and seeks to make her own fun )
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Who: Isabel
When: Day 28, late night
Where: One of the tents outside the bunker
Invited: Anyone
Status: Incomplete

Unable to find a bedroom in the bunker which didn't look claimed, Isabel had occupied a sparsely-equipped tent outside. A small tear in the fabric which let an unpleasant breeze in had succumbed to her talents and knitted itself back together under the touch of her fingertips. Brief concentration allowed her to warm the damp and chill out of the sleeping bag, and she snuggled into it contentedly, drifting off to sleep with the all the tiredness she'd claimed to feel. It was still early, but it had been a busy day.

Isabel goes a-dreaming )

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