Apr. 25th, 2007

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Who: Ami
Where: The bunker, bedroom
When: Early evening/night, Day 28, before Dreaming the dreams of others
Invited: Scott
Status: Incomplete

Eventually Ami ran out of reasons to avoid going to their bedroom. She felt silly about it – but she couldn't shake the lingering bits of embarrassment she felt about her earlier actions. True, she and Scott knew each other, but they didn't actually know each other, and what was easily handled earlier now made her feel a bit uncomfortable when she reflected on being alone with him.

Of course, the (good) sex wasn't the only reason she felt reluctance. Inevitably, being alone with Scott would mean talking. Specifically, it meant talking about the things in her journal. Ami didn't look forward to sharing the details of whatever Scott would want to know. Reading it was one thing; reflecting on it was easy and acceptable. However, speaking of it aloud would make all the craziness – sentient telepathic smoke monsters, savage telepathic cavemen, trapped on an island six months out of sync – all more real and true.

Ami weighs the options )

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