Jun. 14th, 2007

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Who: Alia
Where: The jungle, a short walk from the bunker
When: Day 29, morning, after Who da Man?
Invited: Open
Status: Complete

Zoey is not in a good mood )
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Who: Aeryn and John
Where: Large Canteen
When: Day 29, morning, after Who da Man?
Invited: Open
Status: Incomplete

Aeryn sat comfortably leaning against John, listening to his steady breathing as they rested in each others' arms. Finally, she sighed, then moved, the leather of her jacket rubbing against leather making a loud noise in the quiet of the room. "I think we should go and try to find the Doctor, John. Surely if they haven't found a solution yet, he can be spared to discuss other things?"

They'd both been reluctant to interrupt the Doctor when he'd started to help translate the books that had been brought in, but Aeryn hadn't really been able to settle yet. "What do you think?"
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Who: Radek
Where: The Labs
When: Day 29, morning, after Who da Man?
Invited: Rodney, Open
Status: Incomplete

Radek paced, still not used to the shorter legs of Rodney's body. As he paced, he muttered to himself, trying to figure out exactly what had happened. Of course he'd had a hand in the investigations of Machello's machine, but nothing Radek had been able to find here even resembled it.

Resigned to let others do the digging for truth, he had tried to turn his attention back to the segment of the Dart that was in the lab, but even then he couldn't concentrate.

He unconsciously reached up to push his glasses further up his nose... but they weren't there! "RODNEY!!!" he bellowed, now intent on finding his erstwhile 'friend' and trying to do more than pace and worry. He finally headed out of the lab and into the bunker proper.

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