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Who: Daniel
Where: The bunker, control room
When: Morning, Day 29 during Who da Man?
Invited: Rose, The Doctor, open
Status: Complete

That which we call a Rose . . . )
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Who: Ash
When: Immediately following Cause and Effect
Where: Kitchen/Cafeteria #1
Invited: Anyone
Status: Complete

Ash struggled out from under the tangle of chairs and tables, groaning. He'd have bruises from this, no doubt about it. Getting to his feet was more difficult than he'd expected. Casting that spell had really taken it out of him. But it had worked. He had his memory back. And by the excited sounds drifting through the closed doors of the kitchen, so did others.

"Who's the man?" Ash asked the empty room. "I am!"

Ash anticipates the accolades he'll receive for restoring everyone's memories. )
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Who: Molly and Sam (open)
Where: Jungle
When: Day 29, (morning)
Invited: Open
Status: Open


Molly didn’t protest Sam scooping her up and running.  She twined her arms around her… no his  neck.  It was all she could do not to ask him to go faster. 


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Who: Ash
When: Day 29, (approx. 4 to 6 a.m.)
Invited: ALL PLAY
Status: Complete

Edited to add: Don't sweat the details of how your characters switched bodies. I added the "touching or close by" requirement to give people an out if they didn't want to have their hharacters swap places. Now I'm revoking it. If you want to join in, forget that. It's simply random--if you and another player want to join the party, just do it. Doesn't matter how close you were or weren't.

I may not have gotten every single syllable exactly right.... )
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Who: McKay, Zelenka
Where: Geek Lab
When: Day 28, Night
Invited: Open
Status: Complete
OOC Note: Placement setting.

Another late night... )
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Who: Daniel
Where: The Bunker, Office
When: Day 28, Night
Invited: Open
Status: Incomplete

Daniel walked the perimeter several times after parting company with Faith. He walked the perimeter, thought about the craziness of the situation and wondered why the hell he hadn't taken Faith up on her offer. It had been a pretty good offer but –

Something held him back. He'd taken responsibility for this ecletic group of castaways evidently back when they had memories; he'd done it again now that they didn't have memories. Daniel wouldn't – couldn't – upset the status quo until they had their memories back.

(When we get our memories back it will probably be a moot point.)

It really was lonely at the top.

Another discovery )
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Who: Oona
When: Day 28, near midnight
Where: Bunker
Invited: Methos
Status: Incomplete

Oona somehow knew she was dreaming.  She faced an oval mirror rimmed in gold with intricate carvings of dragons embracing the glass.  But the surface was not reflective.  She moved to stare into the glass and faced not herself, but a man with nothing but blackness behind him.


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Who: Fuji Syusuke
When: Day 28, late nigh
Where: Outside the bunker
Invited: Anyone
Status: Incomplete

The previously un-named Japanese boy, now apparently known as Fuji Syusuke, all though he couldn't really make a mental connection between himself and that name, found that he was unable to sleep. At all. He tossed and turned in his bed, cuts stinging and cover itching and it as far too warm, and... He stopped, stretching lazily before slowly stepping up and walking outside, eyes traveling to the sky above. Somewhere in the world his real home was, and he hoped, really hoped that there weren't too many people over there who were worried about him and were wondering whether he was alive or not. "Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight", he mumbled dreamily to himself, unsure of what to say next. Well...
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Who: Jack Harkness, Aeryn Sun-Chrichton, Oona, River Tam
Where: The bunker, Large cafeteria
When: Late afternoon/early evening, day 28
Invited: OPEN to all
Status: Incomplete

Jack watched Aeryn go over the assorted weapons.  He made no pretense that he wasn't enjoying the view.  Not of the lovely woman, or of her expert assessment of each firearm.  She knew what she was doing, even if the guns were unfamiliar to her.

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Who: John Crichton
Where: The bunker, bedrooms
When: Early evening/night, Day 28, about the same time as Dreaming the Dreams of Others
Invited: Dean, Sam, OPEN
Status: Incomplete

John had made his way slowly back toward the bunker, walking in a state of quiet shock. He had investigated the wreckage that he and Aeryn had crashed onto this island on, and he hadn't really found much. Except for one thing.

Shock and Awe )
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Who: Aeryn
Where: The bunker, Large Cafeteria
When: Early evening/night, Day 28, about the same time as Dreaming the dreams of others
Invited: OPEN
Status: complete

Aeryn lifted one of the guns for a closer inspection. The crude mechanisms of the Earther's guns were, compared to a pulse pistol or pulse rifle, simplistic and easy to understand. She worked the release catch and quickly, one by one, each piece was expertly removed and placed down on the table in front of her.

It wasn't rocket science. )
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Who: Ami
Where: The bunker, bedroom
When: Early evening/night, Day 28, before Dreaming the dreams of others
Invited: Scott
Status: Incomplete

Eventually Ami ran out of reasons to avoid going to their bedroom. She felt silly about it – but she couldn't shake the lingering bits of embarrassment she felt about her earlier actions. True, she and Scott knew each other, but they didn't actually know each other, and what was easily handled earlier now made her feel a bit uncomfortable when she reflected on being alone with him.

Of course, the (good) sex wasn't the only reason she felt reluctance. Inevitably, being alone with Scott would mean talking. Specifically, it meant talking about the things in her journal. Ami didn't look forward to sharing the details of whatever Scott would want to know. Reading it was one thing; reflecting on it was easy and acceptable. However, speaking of it aloud would make all the craziness – sentient telepathic smoke monsters, savage telepathic cavemen, trapped on an island six months out of sync – all more real and true.

Ami weighs the options )
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Who: Isabel
When: Day 28, late night
Where: One of the tents outside the bunker
Invited: Anyone
Status: Incomplete

Unable to find a bedroom in the bunker which didn't look claimed, Isabel had occupied a sparsely-equipped tent outside. A small tear in the fabric which let an unpleasant breeze in had succumbed to her talents and knitted itself back together under the touch of her fingertips. Brief concentration allowed her to warm the damp and chill out of the sleeping bag, and she snuggled into it contentedly, drifting off to sleep with the all the tiredness she'd claimed to feel. It was still early, but it had been a busy day.

Isabel goes a-dreaming )
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Where: The Bunker, Outside and Inside
When: Day 28, Nightfall and after
Invited: Chloe, George, Jack
Status: Incomplete

One thing that Faith noticed on her two treks into the jungle and back again was the sprinkling of tents, shelters and lean-tos that dotted the open field and tree line on the northwestern side of the bunker. There weren't many of them, just enough to suggest that rooms being at a premium was not a new development and that several her fellow "castaways" took to "roughing it." Roughing it was probably a lot easier to handle when there was running water, hot showers and indoor plumbing nearby.

Sleeping outside didn't sound so bad to Faith's ears which made her think that one of the tents was hers. She nosed around, but with only a sleeping bag it was hard to make a determination. (And even if I don't mind sleeping outside, I'd much rather sleep inside if it means sleeping with someone. Or two or three someones.)

Nosing around the other shelters didn't reveal much more, but it distracted Faith from the inevitable thoughts of people lost in the jungle. People that she couldn't help.

In which Faith has a chat, does what she does best and seeks to make her own fun )
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Who: Aeryn Sun and John Crichton
When: Evening, Day 28
Where: The crashed pod/ship
Invited: OPEN
Status: Incomplete

Aeryn walked beside John, slowing her pace to his slightly more sedate measure. They'd made a satisfying start and she was trying hard not to ruin that. She stole a quick glance sideways and it took no imagination for her to realise the look of grim determination on his face was a mirror for her own.

Chewing thoughtfully on her bottom lip, she pulled open the door to the outside, then stopped dead in her tracks when she realised how hot and humid the rain had made it. In fact, if John hadn't ended up slightly behind her, she would have stepped backwards.

She glanced up at him, a worried look in her eyes. "I don't think I can..." she stopped, aware that she was showing a moment of weakness, without thinking. It made her even more thoughtful that, given problematic situations, she would turn to John, on a whim of instinct. "I don't think I can go out in that, John" she finally finished her sentence. "At least, not until it's cooler..."
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Who: Chloe Sullivan
When: Evening, Day 28
Where: The Jail aka the Other Bunker
Invited: Faith, Locke, Daniel, Sam Tyler, et al
Status: Complete

Tropical islands sounded like a wonderful place to live, or at least to visit. And maybe they were, if you were on the beach or in a hotel with climate control. Or even a quaint thatch-roofed hut with a lazily turning ceiling fan and open windows. But in the jungle? In the rain? Not so much.

Chloe finds that she likes sun drenched beaches a lot more than rain soaked jungle. )
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Who: Kenzaki
Where: Cafeteria
When: Evening, Day 28, after "The Cold Facts"
Invited: Anybody
Status: Incomplete

Kenzaki felt the cold, hard surface below him. What had happened to him? Had he become so tired that he'd actually fainted? Or had something else happened? The self-named King of Spades had told him he was in a regenerative coma of some kind. Why, he didn't know.

One thing that he did know was that he needed to eat, even if he didn't feel like it. The King of Spades had been eating potato chips in his dream, so maybe Kenzaki just needed to get some food into himself.

He stretched and opened his eyes. To his left, someone said, "Are you okay?"

"I need food," he said in response, sitting up. Food would keep him from fainting again.
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Who: Daisy Adair, Chloe Sullivan
When: Evening, Day 28, not long after The Cold Facts
Where: The Control Room
Invited: Anyone
Status: Complete

"This is where they saw the film of me being shot?" Daisy asked. She had wandered into the control room after dinner. The tanned blonde, Chloe Sullivan, was sitting at the console keeping watch over the surveillance cameras. It hadn't been intentional but now that she was here, Daisy decided to satisfy her curiosity.

Chloe looked slightly surprised, then uneasy. She nodded.

"Have you seen it?"

Another uneasy nod. "Yes."

"Show me," Daisy demanded.

Click here to continue. )
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Who: Aeryn & John
Where A quiet corner in the Bunker
When: Evening, Day 28--not long after The Cold Facts
Invited: John
Status: Complete

Aeryn sighed and stopped as they had moved to a fairly quiet area of the bunker.

There were tears burning her eyes and throat, so it took her a few moments of staring off into the space behind John's shoulder before she felt capable of talking.

"What if" she reached up and wiped irratably at her cheek, then fastened her eyes on his face. "I don't think I've been honest with you, Crichton" she stopped and shook her head. "John, my name is Aeryn Sun-Crichton. And I have an unshakable feeling that we're not related by blood."
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Who: Kenzaki
Where: In Kenzaki's mind
When: Evening, Day 28, during "The Cold Facts"
Invited: Nobody
Status: Complete

Kenzaki dreams )

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