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Who: Aeryn and John
Where: Large Canteen
When: Day 29, morning, after Who da Man?
Invited: Open
Status: Incomplete

Aeryn sat comfortably leaning against John, listening to his steady breathing as they rested in each others' arms. Finally, she sighed, then moved, the leather of her jacket rubbing against leather making a loud noise in the quiet of the room. "I think we should go and try to find the Doctor, John. Surely if they haven't found a solution yet, he can be spared to discuss other things?"

They'd both been reluctant to interrupt the Doctor when he'd started to help translate the books that had been brought in, but Aeryn hadn't really been able to settle yet. "What do you think?"
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Who: Aeryn & John
Where A quiet corner in the Bunker
When: Evening, Day 28--not long after The Cold Facts
Invited: John
Status: Complete

Aeryn sighed and stopped as they had moved to a fairly quiet area of the bunker.

There were tears burning her eyes and throat, so it took her a few moments of staring off into the space behind John's shoulder before she felt capable of talking.

"What if" she reached up and wiped irratably at her cheek, then fastened her eyes on his face. "I don't think I've been honest with you, Crichton" she stopped and shook her head. "John, my name is Aeryn Sun-Crichton. And I have an unshakable feeling that we're not related by blood."
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Who: Aeryn
Where: Corridors/dining room
When: Day 28, Later afternoon
Invited: Open
Status: Incomplete

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[Aeryn Sun] A crash and new arrivals.
Who: Aeryn Sun-Crighton and John Crighton
Where: Not far from the bunker
When: Day 28 - Around 2pm
Invited: Everyone in location; open
Status: Complete

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