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Who: Ami (in Blaise)
Where: One of the corridors
When: During Research, research, research
Invited: Anyone
Status: Complete

((OOC: Different corridor from where Faith is molesting Daniel))

Without anything a lot to contribute to the magic discussions and debate, Ami and Scott took a hint from and followed the examples of others who filtered out of the cafeteria. (After being reassured, of course, that Ash would be allowed nowhere near any more "spells" or magic and that he was still free game for an ass kicking.)

She retrieved some of Blaise's clothes - careful not to rummage too much through his things - and the odd couple retired back to their room, which was simultaneously weird and creepy and uncomfortable and yet so very right. It was the one place that could provide comfort and some semblance of familiarity when everything was so far from comfortable and familiar.

With rippling biceps )

((OOC: [livejournal.com profile] starborn_scribe, hope you don't mind where I placed Scott. If so, I can edit.))
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Who: Ami
Where: The Staff, Kitchen
When: Day 28, Sometime between noon and 1PM
Invited: Open to all
Status: Incomplete

Finding her way to the kitchen was easier this time around. Knowing where one is going always makes it easier to get there. The artificial lights – Ami couldn't remember what they were called, but she knew that they mimicked outside sunlight – shone brightly making her think that it was supposed to be indicative of midday. A quick check of the clock on the wall in the surprisingly empty kitchen confirmed that.

Ami walked straightway to the actual kitchen area and began to look in the cupboards and the refrigerator. Someone had started a list of supplies, but it was wholly incomplete. Ami was tempted to work on it until her stomach reminded her – loudly – of her reason for being in the kitchen.

Five minutes of rummaging later, Ami had found a large soup pot, a combination of fresh, frozen and canned vegetables, and noodles. She passed on the beef and chicken flavored buillon and instead stuck to seasonings for the water in the pot.

"Vegetable soup it is," Ami declared to no one in particular and set about cutting the fresh carrots, all the while wondering about the oddities of fresh vegetables on a tropical island.
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Who: Ami
Where: The Beach
When: Immediately after "Delving in Again"
Invited: Open
Status: Complete

Ami stared at the remains of a fuselage, only the very front few feet not submerged in water. She blinked and waited for the image to clear, trying to figure out what happened. The last she remembered, she'd been in the bedroom wondering what she'd gone and buggered up with Scott and now . . . she was here.

Wherever here was.

(Did I lose my memory again?) Ami questioned.

Mentally, she reached, then stopped. )
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Who: Ami
Where: The Staff: Ami & Scott's bedroom
When: After the breakfast-discovery threads
Invited: Scott, anyone who knocks
Status: Complete

After breakfast, everyone wandered off to explore the odd facility or to search for identification, eating having taken precedence over even that. Ami returned to the room that she obviously shared with Scott. She cleared the scattered items off of the bed, placed them neatly on the dresser beside Scott's neatly organized collection and then climbed back onto the bed to continue perusing her journal.

In the vein of weirdness )
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Who: Daniel, Ami
Where: Medical Facility, Kitchen #2
When: Day 23, afternoon after The Unpleasant Announcement
Invited: Open (sorta - Daniel and Ami will change the subject if someone approaches, depending on whom it is)
Status: Complete [Closed]

Daniel knew that there was nothing he could realistically do for Rose and that his presence would only be a hindrance. Instead, Daniel focused on thinning the crowd, reassuring people that Rose was in good hands, and implying that the extraneous prisoners would be relocated to a safe holding port.

As the cafeteria emptied, he noticed Ami in the kitchen area. She was stirring a mug that hot steam rose out of and as he drifted closer, Daniel recognized that it wasn't coffee the woman was enjoying but tea.

"Smells good," Daniel remarked quietly.

"English breakfast," Ami remarked then wrinkled her nose. "That's what the box says at any rate. It really isn't though. A passable mock-up, I suppose." She averted her eyes, focusing intently on the swirling liquid in the cup, her brow furrowed. Her voice pitched lower and she said, "Do you think it'll work?"

Daniel cocked his head in curiosity. "What will work?"

In which Daniel tries to understand Scott )
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Who: Damon, Ami
Where: Medical Facility (the Staff), laundry room & corridor outside
When: Day 24, early morning
Invited: Open
Status: Incomplete

Amazingly enough, Damon discovered that the laundry room turned out to be the quietest place in the bunker. Even with the sloshing of the washer and the hum and buzz of the dryer, Aaron stopped his fussing and quieted right down. Or maybe it was because of the washer and dryer. But he wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

"I guess it really is all about white noise, huh?" He asked the baby softly as the blue eyes blinked and fluttered. "Well, whatever it takes to get you to rest, and get your Mum to rest too." Damon hopped up on the dryer with the babe cradled against his chest, a feat he never thought that he would have even contemplated attempting, never mind actually managing to carry out, with a few days old baby in his arms.

Stretching out so that he was sprawled over both the washer and the dryer, he carefully positioned Aaron on his chest. Aaron blinked at him, unrefined and jagged emotions rolling away from the baby – confusion or something like it melting into trust.

Catching up and underscoring denial )
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Who: Ami
Where: Medical Facility, Bedroom H
When: Day 23, late evening
Invited: Private: Scott
Status: Complete [Closed]

Ironically, Ami wasn't in the mood.

She had been. Once she elicited a promise from Scott that tonight they'd actually make love, she spent the evening preparing. First had come the long, warm shower and the washing and conditioning of her hair. Ami took time to style it carefully, and she liked the results. It had been a while since she'd primped for any reason, and it felt good to do it. Her giddy good mood lasted all the way until she slipped into one of her negligees.

Another reminder from DHARMA )
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Who: Daniel
Where: Medical Facility, Kitchen #2
When: Day 23, noonish
Invited: Open to everyone at the Bunker
Status: Incomplete

"I'm letting them go."

The announcement, predictably, was met with shouts of outrage and protest, which was precisely what Daniel had expected. The archaeologist merely steepled his fingers together, and watched the gathered group of castaways and waited for the uproar to die down.

"They know everything about us," someone pointed out.

It isn't really up for debate )
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Who: Ami, Rose, Mayday, Tara
Where: Outside the Medical Facility
When: Day 22 continuing from What You Don't Know (before and during Cops and Sociopaths)
Invited: Open
Status: Complete [Closed]

The sun was a lot warmer and a lot brighter than Ami remembered. It was only when she stepped outside the bunker and blinked in the bright light and smelled the sharp scents of grass and leaves and everything outdoors that she realized precisely how long she had been trapped inside the walls of that bunker. She'd forgotten what the tropical sun felt like, and the way the soft breezes lit across her skin and blew through her hair.

She'd forgotten and she missed it )
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Who: Scott, Ami
Where: The Staff, Room H
When: Day 23, early morning
Invited: Private: Megabyte (if necessary), anyone who has a damn good reason to barge in and can get past MB
Status: Complete

The fact that Ami hadn't teased Scott at all for asking Damon to stand guard while he used the co-locator was a testament to how ill at ease he was. Although he knew it was illogical and pointless, Scott's stomach tied into a knot whenever he thought about Daniel, Jon, and Aiden knowing about his family. Of the three Aiden worried him the least. One ex-cop was manageable. The U.S. Air Force, not so much.

On with the light show )
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Who: Ami
Where: Medical Facility
When: Day 22 (during Cops and Sociopaths)
Invited: Rose, anyone
Status: Complete [Closed]

Even with their link constricted, Ami couldn't stop thinking about Scott. Or rather about Scott questioning Ethan and the fallout from that. She tried not to, but the more she tried not to think about it, the more she did think about it. Ami knew why Ethan had to be questioned, and why he was the central target, but she wondered if anyone had paid attention to the fact that Ethan wasn't the man in the charge. He was a cretin yes, and he deserved whatever happened to him, but Ethan was small potatoes compared to the missing Dr. Carlson. He was the one that they really wanted, and according to Alex he was as slippery as a fish covered in oil.

Alex didn't think that they would ever find Carlson )
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Who: Ami, Scott
Where: Medical Facility: Room H
When: Day 21, early morning
Invited: Private: Scott
Status: Complete [Closed]

It was all over. The threat from the outside was over. Daniel and Blaise were keeping the bunker under guard and surveillance, "just in case," but everyone seemed to think that it was over. Ami knew that it was over . . . she didn't feel the Wraith crawling around in the back of her mind anymore. But she'd "seen" what they did, in some cases she'd even felt it, and she found herself doing the one thing she never thought she would do: she was longing for whatever drugs Sakai had given her that deadened her abilities.

Settled back in their room, Ami hadn't said a word about what she was feeling or thinking to Scott. Mostly because she knew that she didn't have to. There were certain things that she simply couldn't hide from her husband.

Ami wants to forget )
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Who: Daniel
Where: Medical Facility: Control Room
When: Day 20, Late Night During Raelle's Arrival
Invited: Everyone in the bunker (NOTE: This thread may have multiple locations)
Status: Complete

Daniel made quick time reaching the control room. Jon looked up at him in surprise.

"Keep at it, you have your orders," Daniel told him, brusquely. He didn't even think about it, how he reacted or what he said. He just did it. Taking charge was becoming easier and easier.

Isn't this fun? )
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Who: Ami
Where: Medical Facility: Kitchen #1
When: Day 20, late-afternoon, before The Crux of the Matter, after What do you do with a drunken sailor and The Subconscious Never Sleeps
Invited: Anyone present in Cafeteria #1
Status: Complete

Ami felt safe. That was the first sensation that she had any awareness of upon blinking her eyes open. She was safe, she was whole. Scott was with her, both mentally and physically. Ami curled in close to Scott, breathing in his scent, clean and soapy with that antiseptic hospital soap and shampoo clean, but underneath it all the spicy musk earthy smell with just an elusive hint of an intangible sweetness and cleanness that was so much Scott.

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Who: Ami, Scott
Where: Medical Facility: Cafeteria #1/Ami's Head
When: Day 20, afternoon
Invited: Scott
Status: Complete

Ami didn't remember the last time that she rode a swing. Yet, here she was, pumping her legs back and forth, enjoying the feeling of floating and flying and weightlessness that came from the swing sailing back and forth through the open air. The fresh air was crisp and clean, the sun a bright yellow orb in a cloudless blue sky. She had no cares, no worries, no fears. The stress and upset of the past few days seemed long removed and Ami indulged in its absence.

It was a perfect day.

What Dreams Do Come... )

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