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Who: Daisy Adair (in Damon's body)
When: Immediately following A Mother's Touch
Where: The beach (Camp Crash)
Invited: Beach dwellers
Status: Complete


Daisy had tried not to laugh. She really, really had.

It wasn't funny! she told herself. But--come on, of course it was. That obnoxious, sexist bastard reduced (in his mind, at least) to a mere woman. A slip of a woman at that. A new mother with breasts full of milk and a hungry infant in his arms.

The island had been a font of inconvenience, discomfort and weirdness since they crashed here. But this once it seemed to have dispensed some justice. Just maybe Detective Inspector Gene Hunt would learn a little something from this incident.

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Who: Daisy Adair, Chloe Sullivan
When: Evening, Day 28, not long after The Cold Facts
Where: The Control Room
Invited: Anyone
Status: Complete

"This is where they saw the film of me being shot?" Daisy asked. She had wandered into the control room after dinner. The tanned blonde, Chloe Sullivan, was sitting at the console keeping watch over the surveillance cameras. It hadn't been intentional but now that she was here, Daisy decided to satisfy her curiosity.

Chloe looked slightly surprised, then uneasy. She nodded.

"Have you seen it?"

Another uneasy nod. "Yes."

"Show me," Daisy demanded.

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Who: The Whole Frakkin' Posse
Where: DHARMA Bunker: The Kitchen
When: Around noonish, during Soup's On
Invited: Anyone
Status: Complete

Tropical thunderstorms, the group quickly learned, were violent and intense and happened without any discernible warning.* Just as quickly the rain ended and then started up again. During the first deluge, they all crowded into the "jail" and listened to the thunder rock the trees while lightening illuminated the sky. The second deluge caught them on the walk back from the jail.

Daniel thought that the rain was a pleasant balm. )

[*OOC: Information taken right from Tropical Weather Survial]
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Who: Daniel
Where: Medical Facility, Kitchen #2
When: Day 23, noonish
Invited: Open to everyone at the Bunker
Status: Incomplete

"I'm letting them go."

The announcement, predictably, was met with shouts of outrage and protest, which was precisely what Daniel had expected. The archaeologist merely steepled his fingers together, and watched the gathered group of castaways and waited for the uproar to die down.

"They know everything about us," someone pointed out.

It isn't really up for debate )
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Who: Daisy
Where: The Staff, Room I
When: Day 21, Evening
Invited: Private: Locke
Status: Complete [Closed] (Again--this time for sure!)

Daisy spent a long time in the shower. Not as long as she'd have liked--she didn't want to wrinkle up--but quite a while, luxuriating in plentiful hot water and the array of bath products she'd acquired. Most were looted from the luggage of Flight 815, but a few items had been "liberated" following the capture of the medical facility.

Daisy had plans for John tonight. Oh yes, plans. )

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