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Who: Daniel-in-the-Doctor, Faith-in-Chloe
Where: The hallway outside the cafeteria
When: Early afternoon (concurrent with "Research, research, research")
Invited: Anyone
Status: Incomplete

Daniel knew that he was good at and knowledgeable about many things, but a few minutes of listening to the magic debate and the discussions of metaphysics – that he truly hadn't believed in until arriving on the island – told him that he was well out of his league. He didn't quite trust Willow – her ability showed itself to skirt the edges of fine control – but he was willing to leave her to it in the presence of Tara and the Winchester brothers, whom despite their controlling natures and paranoia, seemed to possess a bit of common sense about these things.

Besides, being in the Doctor's body was far too distracting.

Being Nine )
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Who: Daniel
Where: The bunker, control room
When: Morning, Day 29 during Who da Man?
Invited: Rose, The Doctor, open
Status: Complete

That which we call a Rose . . . )
ext_12572: (Chloe Curious)
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Who: Chloe Sullivan
When: Evening, Day 28
Where: The Jail aka the Other Bunker
Invited: Faith, Locke, Daniel, Sam Tyler, et al
Status: Complete

Tropical islands sounded like a wonderful place to live, or at least to visit. And maybe they were, if you were on the beach or in a hotel with climate control. Or even a quaint thatch-roofed hut with a lazily turning ceiling fan and open windows. But in the jungle? In the rain? Not so much.

Chloe finds that she likes sun drenched beaches a lot more than rain soaked jungle. )
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Who: The Whole Frakkin' Posse
Where: DHARMA Bunker: The Kitchen
When: Around noonish, during Soup's On
Invited: Anyone
Status: Complete

Tropical thunderstorms, the group quickly learned, were violent and intense and happened without any discernible warning.* Just as quickly the rain ended and then started up again. During the first deluge, they all crowded into the "jail" and listened to the thunder rock the trees while lightening illuminated the sky. The second deluge caught them on the walk back from the jail.

Daniel thought that the rain was a pleasant balm. )

[*OOC: Information taken right from Tropical Weather Survial]
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Who: Daniel
Where: ebil!DHARMA
When: Day 24?
Invited: ebil!Ami, ebil!Daniel (invitees to change in the future)
Status: Incomplete

Daniel forced his eyes open and then wished that he hadn't. Daggers of light stabbed his eyes and pain carved its way through his head. His body reacted involuntarily and eyelids fell like shields against the luminous enemy. The darkness was but a faint refuge. Damage done, the sharp piercing in his brain and just behind his eyes continued. Adding insult to injury, his stomach rebelled and with little consideration for his feelings, his dinner exited his body with unnecessary and cruel force which left him coughing, sweating and panting when it was over.

(Kill me now.) Daniel slumped against something soft.

Not yet.

The voice in his head renewed the sharp edges of pain. Daniel groaned, wrestled with a new round of stomach upheaval and then blissfully embraced the encroaching darkness that swallowed him whole.

Second verse, same as the first )
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Who: Daniel
Where: The Other Side (ebil!AU 'verse)
When: Day 24
Invited: Anyone who came through the rings, ebil!dopplegangers
Status: Incomplete

The ring transporter activated with its usual speed and flash of light. Daniel assumed that it was with its usual flash of light as all he felt was the familiar tingle and the sudden disorientation that accompanied ring transport. Fortunately, past experience more than prepared him for the disorientation and his gun was in his hand before his eyes found a focal point.

Weapon drawn and at ready was a good thing because the focal point happened to be another set of eyes – clearly startled to see Daniel and the rest of his team standing there.

For what felt like an eternity but had to be no longer than a heartbeat the two groups stared at one another as if trying to determine what was going on. Each side armed – well mostly armed given Damon's complete lack of weaponry of any sort – simply having a good old fashioned stare down.

Some people would have called it comical.

Let the games begin )
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Who: Daniel, Ami
Where: Medical Facility, Kitchen #2
When: Day 23, afternoon after The Unpleasant Announcement
Invited: Open (sorta - Daniel and Ami will change the subject if someone approaches, depending on whom it is)
Status: Complete [Closed]

Daniel knew that there was nothing he could realistically do for Rose and that his presence would only be a hindrance. Instead, Daniel focused on thinning the crowd, reassuring people that Rose was in good hands, and implying that the extraneous prisoners would be relocated to a safe holding port.

As the cafeteria emptied, he noticed Ami in the kitchen area. She was stirring a mug that hot steam rose out of and as he drifted closer, Daniel recognized that it wasn't coffee the woman was enjoying but tea.

"Smells good," Daniel remarked quietly.

"English breakfast," Ami remarked then wrinkled her nose. "That's what the box says at any rate. It really isn't though. A passable mock-up, I suppose." She averted her eyes, focusing intently on the swirling liquid in the cup, her brow furrowed. Her voice pitched lower and she said, "Do you think it'll work?"

Daniel cocked his head in curiosity. "What will work?"

In which Daniel tries to understand Scott )
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Who: Daniel
Where: Medical Facility, Kitchen #2
When: Day 23, noonish
Invited: Open to everyone at the Bunker
Status: Incomplete

"I'm letting them go."

The announcement, predictably, was met with shouts of outrage and protest, which was precisely what Daniel had expected. The archaeologist merely steepled his fingers together, and watched the gathered group of castaways and waited for the uproar to die down.

"They know everything about us," someone pointed out.

It isn't really up for debate )
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Who: Daniel
Where: Medical Facility, Exam Room
When: Day 22, evening (after Cops and Sociopaths)
Invited: Open to anyone who can be constructive and helpful
Status: Incomplete

After parting company with Aiden, Jon and Scott in the control room, Daniel headed to the exam room currently housing the "non-essential" prisoners. The room had been stripped clean, nothing but a few mattresses left behind. Like the DHARMA "doctors," the prisoners had been left alone to stew and think and worry for the past day and half. Daniel dragged a chair in with him and sat down, taking several long moments to look over his notes. They weren't notes pertaining to anything about the prisoners - just random writing in Ancient and Goa'uld, but the prisoners didn't know that.

"So," Daniel said, looking up at last, "I'm not going to waste my time by asking questions that I know you can't answer. Anyone want to make this short and easy and just volunteer some information?"

At the dubious, dark and hateful glares he received, Daniel nodded expectantly. "Yep, didn't think so."

Let the games begin )
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Who: Scott, Ethan, Locke (briefly)
Where: Mini-Bunker, Jail/Observation Station
When: Day 22, evening
Invited: Aiden, anyone who wants in on the interrogation action
Status: Completed

The observation station-turned-jail had been a mess. Most of the able-bodied who'd moved to the bunker had spent much of the previous day* sweeping, scrubbing, and being shrilly shooed away from the "Ancient" technology by McKay.

Even if the facility hadn't contained the fascinating crystal-based tech, Scott still would have helped clean it up. The sooner the jail was functional and clean(ish), the sooner they'd get answers out of the DHARMA mad scientists and thugs. And, of course, revenge. )

* the previous day = day 21
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Who: Daniel
Where: Mini-Bunker, Jail/Observation Station
When: Day 20, late night/Day 21, early morning
Invited: Anyone
Status: Complete [Closed]

The Wraith threat was, as far as they knew, ended. )
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Who: Dean, Sam, Locke
Where: Outside near the Medical Facility
When: Day 20, late night, just after Raelle's arrival
Invited: McKay, anyone at outside the Medical Facility
Status: Complete

The scene outside of the bunker was mass chaos. May leapt through the trees, energy and projectile shots were fired, and most suprisingly of all, the truly strange-looking spiney demon morphed into Kenzaki before passing out on Daniel.

John, Dean, and Sam gaped at the sight from where they'd taken cover at the edge of the jungle. While Dean grumbled about only being able to take potshots at a few of the Wraith, Sam had been searching Dad's journal for a spell to close the vortex that continued to swirl ominously overhead. More... )
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Who: Daniel
Where: Medical Facility: Control Room
When: Day 20, Late Night During Raelle's Arrival
Invited: Everyone in the bunker (NOTE: This thread may have multiple locations)
Status: Complete

Daniel made quick time reaching the control room. Jon looked up at him in surprise.

"Keep at it, you have your orders," Daniel told him, brusquely. He didn't even think about it, how he reacted or what he said. He just did it. Taking charge was becoming easier and easier.

Isn't this fun? )
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Who: Aiden
What: Breakdown
Where: Medical Facility Bedroom C
When: Day 20 late at night
Invited: Anyone
Status: Incomplete

It was late and quiet. Finally quiet after a day of chaos. Though she would have swore to it earlier she wasn’t thankful for the silence tonight. Tonight more than any other she longed for the constant hum of the city, tonight because this was the night she finally realized she wasn’t going home.

Curled up in the corner of the room Aiden was still wearing the scrub pants, though she had changed her top to the worn out FBI t-shirt she’d swiped from her best friend shortly after he’d moved back home. Her best friend she’d never see again. He’d do anything for her, go to the ends of the earth to find her, but it didn’t matter. This place was some kind of Bermuda triangle like trap. You came in but didn’t go out.

And she cried. Cried for all the people she’d never see again, cried for the memories she couldn’t keep from running through her head. Each of her five senses seemed to betray her, bombarding her with memories. She rememberd the sound of the rats that used to run along the beams in the ceiling where she grew up,remembered the sound of her and her partner’s skates slicing through the ice in perfect unison. She could see Danny’s brilliant smile, her mother’s artwork. She could smell the gunpowder from when her and Stella would go to the range and the fish from down the dock were one of her brothers worked. She could taste her father’s spaghetti sauce, and blood in her mouth when her face hit concrete. And she could feel the baby that once grew inside her, and feel the bite in the air the day they buried her.

The memories themselves came disjointed and random. But she knew everyone intimately, and they forced on her a wave of emotions she couldn’t keep back. She felt like she was drowning. Her sobs echoed eerily in the room and her face was wet with tears.
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Who: Daniel, Blaise
Where: Medical Facility: Control Room
When: Day 20, afternoon, picking up from Close Encounters with the Dead Kind
Invited: Locke, the Doctor, Megabyte, Scott, Alex (Dean, Sam, Jon and May when they return from their recon with something to report)
Status: Complete

Daniel's attention flickered back and forth between the prisoners on the monitor and the data files on the system that Damon and Rodney had located for them previously. Apparently, nearly everything was in the system if you knew where to look for it. The combined hacking abilities and skill with understanding computers that Damon and Rodney possessed and Damon's quietly admitted background in "securities" unearthed a plethora of information about what had been done – and who was doing it – at this facility.

A lot of it still read like -- well, Greek wasn't the appropriate word. )
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Who: Dean and Sam Winchester
Where: About 2 miles SouthEast of Medical Facility, doing a perimeter check
When: Day 20, afternoon
Invited: Anyone that hears the radio
Status: Complete

Close Encounters with the Dead Kind )
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Who: Isabel
Where: Medical Facility: Cafeteria #1
When: Day 20, Mid-Morning
Invited: Everyone in Cafeteria #1
Status: Complete

Isabel let herself be pushed to the cafeteria, ignoring the guns. Of course they didn't trust her. She'd hardly acquitted herself with honour and dignity so far.

The cafeteria was nearly empty, but people were drifting around, drawn by the commotion. Now that Claire was found, Isabel assumed that many would return. she found a seat and sat on it, leaning her elbows on the table and resting her head in her hands.

Suddenly the urge to tell her story became overwhelming. )
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Chris looked annoyed. "I promise I'm not going to do something inappropriate, it's just... I'd rather work alone."

"Rather work alone?" May echoed. "Is this a 'solitary magic' sort of thing?"

"No, it's 'my superiors will take away my powers when I get home if I do it in front of somebody' kind of thing," Chris said. He wished today had never happened. Not only had his mouth been hanging open when Faith was standing there naked, but he was finally able to do what he was supposed to do, and May was standing there being stubborn. "I kind of would like to still have my powers after I get home, thanks."
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With things more or less, back to normal, Daniel resumed the briefing minus a few additional bodies. He knew that Molly was tending to Tara, and that May and Chris had presumably gone in that direction as well. Rodney was working on finding a way to dampen down Tara and hopefully the Doctor would be able to provide assistance in that endeavor as well. Faith was assigned to Isabel duty and he trusted that Molly and Chris would be able to keep an eye on May. As helpful as the young woman and the Winchester boys had been thus far, he still wasn't ready to lower his guard completely.

Further considerations )

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