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They put the funerary pyre at the original crash site. Somehow it seemed fitting that way. Built and lit on the far side of the fuselage, better to block the smoke and the sight from the camp; the memories that plume of sickly, oily black smoke conjured up would not be pleasant ones. A few words were said over the body and few eyes were dry, although it was likely they were wet for differing reasons and not all at the tragic loss of Lucy Brightman.

Life goes on )
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Blaise scrubbed at his face with both hands, retreating from the events of the day for the few moments he had his eyes closed. Keeping an eye on the teeming masses. )
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By the time Daniel gathered the majority of the survivors around the cookfire, it was writ on many of the faces that the news had already trickled down the metaphorical grapevine. What was the saying? Good news travels fast, but bad news travels faster?

To know just how he suffered would be dear )

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