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George gaped at the man, stunned by his reaction. She remained silent when Tommy came to her defense and Mara pleaded for peace, still at a loss for words. Then she got her feet as well, muttering, "Screw you!" and turned away from him.

I See Dead People. )
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They reached the crash site almost immediately on the morning of their third day on the trail. The late start after Amanda's attack had put them behind schedule. They probably could have pushed on to the crash site yesterday if they'd been willing to keep moving after dark--it was that close. George looked over the crash site. )

George had been pleased to discover that when Carlos packed up their things the entrenching tool she'd borrowed from Blaise in anticipation of digging up the bodies had been among them. She'd stuffed it into the backpack she was wearing, keeping it handy. She looked over at Faith. "So, where did you bury them?"
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Keeping busy on Craphole Island was not a problem. )
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"The caves are ready for habitation. Michael and Sully have started work on creating apartments, and have plenty of suggestions to help and offer to anyone wanting to move there. No one has to go, no one is being forced. You can stay on the beach if you like, or you may move to the caves," Daniel announced.

"It's a two hour hike there, but it is close to a water source. Moving out in the morning would probably be best for all those interested in moving."

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