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Further dastardly plotting )
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"What's she doing?"

Subject B: Jackson, Ami, F, 28Y )
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With fewer people in the tunnel, Daniel turned his full attention to the pillar before him. Seeing something new )
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Blaise keyed the mike with more force than was strictly necessary. "Camp Two to Doctor Jackson," he said again, "Camp Two to Doctor Jackson. Do you copy? Over." He released the microphone switch and waited. Nothing. Again. Only the faintest hiss to indicate that the receiver was functioning.
There had been no word from the would-be rescuers in hours. )
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Chloe collected her backpack and walking stick while Veronica did the same. The backpack contained a couple of bottles of water, some fruit, and other necessities of survival. Chloe's checklist of things to take with her to explore the cave. )
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[OOC: Megabyte and Scott are coming from here.]

The garden was empty and tracks ran in all directions. Megabyte wasn't the greatest tracker and trying to make sense of what was left behind by their fellow survivors and searchers wasn't really necessary. A few paces and it was clear that the majority of the group moved in one direction, a few in the other.

He looked at Scott again; the man looked ready to topple over. )
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Daisy leaned on one elbow, head over the wastebasket by the side of the bed, ready for the worst. But the nausea was already fading, as was the headache. (I hate feeling drunk,) she thought. (And I hate hangovers even worse.)Daisy's Bogus Adventure Begins )
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Camp Serenity was coming along rather nicely, George thought. She and Carlos (and Faith and Mara and Ripley and Dr. Pierson) had established their camp on the beach closest to the wreckage of the Council Learjet. George's musings on their new digs. )

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