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Who: Ami, Rose, Mayday, Tara
Where: Outside the Medical Facility
When: Day 22 continuing from What You Don't Know (before and during Cops and Sociopaths)
Invited: Open
Status: Complete [Closed]

The sun was a lot warmer and a lot brighter than Ami remembered. It was only when she stepped outside the bunker and blinked in the bright light and smelled the sharp scents of grass and leaves and everything outdoors that she realized precisely how long she had been trapped inside the walls of that bunker. She'd forgotten what the tropical sun felt like, and the way the soft breezes lit across her skin and blew through her hair.

She'd forgotten and she missed it )
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Who: Michael, Sayid
Where: Beach Camp
When: Day 21, mid-afternoon
Invited: Open to anyone
Status: Complete [Closed]

After the "space vampires" attacked the beach – and Michael hadn't believed that story until he'd seen the bodies, and not even then, until he'd seen the dessicated husks of those they lost – Micheal decided that he'd had enough. He'd had enough of this island, enough of this beach, enough of sitting around and waiting on other people to get them rescued.

Other people who were off at some super technologically advanced bunker, and even with computers and whatnot at their disposal there was still no sign of rescue plans or boats.

The most reasonable plan so far )
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Who: Chloe
Where: Camp Crash
When: Day 21, mid-afternoon
Invited: Open to All
Status: Complete

Chloe didn't remember sleeping. It felt like she'd lain awake for an eternity, certainly long enough for the darkness of pre-dawn to give way to daybreak, and then to mid-day and beyond. She'd tracked the way the sunbeam that shone through a chink in her shelter slid down the opposite wall and across the floor, then begun crawling up the other side.

Chloe Sullivan's horrible, awful, very bad day continues. )
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Who: Daisy
Where: The Staff, Room I
When: Day 21, Evening
Invited: Private: Locke
Status: Complete [Closed] (Again--this time for sure!)

Daisy spent a long time in the shower. Not as long as she'd have liked--she didn't want to wrinkle up--but quite a while, luxuriating in plentiful hot water and the array of bath products she'd acquired. Most were looted from the luggage of Flight 815, but a few items had been "liberated" following the capture of the medical facility.

Daisy had plans for John tonight. Oh yes, plans. )
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Who: McKay
Where: Medical Facility, Bedroom L to Wraith Dart S of the Facility.
When: Early Morning, Day 21 (directly after 'Working it out', before 'Back to the Real World'.)
Invited: Raelle, Jon, Daniel, Anyone who wants a look at one of the darts. :)
Status: Complete

Just a few minutes... hours... )
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Who: Isabel
Where: The Staff cafeteria
When: Day 21, late afternoon
Invited: Anybody in the cafeteria or anybody who drops in
Status: Complete

She ran through thick and tangled forest )
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Who: George
Where: Camp Crash
When: Day 21, Oh-Dark-Thirty
Invited: Molly, Chris, Anyone at Camp Crash
Status: Complete [Closed]

Orbing was fascinating. A swarm of glowing motes appeared out of nowhere to engulf you for a moment and when they dissipated, you were somewhere else. Convenient, too. George thought she could get used to that kind of travel. (Too bad Reapers don't get nifty powers like that.)Don't Fear the Reaper )
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Who: Damon
Where: Medical Facility: Room G
When: Day 21, morning
Invited: Claire, Dr. House, Methos, anyone who can help with a delivery
Status: Complete [Closed]

Claire was in the final stretch of what had been, according to House, a "typical labor." Claire wasn't too interested in House's definitions of typical or his lectures about to what to expect by this point in time. She'd actually banished the doctor from the room three times, only to have him leave with a laugh and a promise to return – which he always did.

Nature's miracle )
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Who: Ami, Scott
Where: Medical Facility: Room H
When: Day 21, early morning
Invited: Private: Scott
Status: Complete [Closed]

It was all over. The threat from the outside was over. Daniel and Blaise were keeping the bunker under guard and surveillance, "just in case," but everyone seemed to think that it was over. Ami knew that it was over . . . she didn't feel the Wraith crawling around in the back of her mind anymore. But she'd "seen" what they did, in some cases she'd even felt it, and she found herself doing the one thing she never thought she would do: she was longing for whatever drugs Sakai had given her that deadened her abilities.

Settled back in their room, Ami hadn't said a word about what she was feeling or thinking to Scott. Mostly because she knew that she didn't have to. There were certain things that she simply couldn't hide from her husband.

Ami wants to forget )
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Who: Daniel
Where: Mini-Bunker, Jail/Observation Station
When: Day 20, late night/Day 21, early morning
Invited: Anyone
Status: Complete [Closed]

The Wraith threat was, as far as they knew, ended. )
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Who: Chris Perry
Where: Camp Med/The Staff
When: Early morning day 21
Invited: Anyone at Camp Med/The Staff
Status: Complete

Chris broods and sees a ghost )
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Who: Hugh Emerson
Where: Camp Crash
When: Day 21, Oh-Dark-Thirty in the morning
Invited: Anyone at Camp Crash
Status: Complete [Closed]

The bodies of the vampires burned briskly. They'd been carried well down the beach, dumped onto a pile of wood "borrowed" from the regular signal fire supply, and doused with a cupful or two of Dr. Pierson's moonshine. Then Sayid had set them afire without ceremony. Monsters didn't deserve any such consideration as far as Hugh was concerned.

The bodies of their victims had been collected and laid out side by side under tarps and blankets, awaiting the arrival or George or Daisy, or both. Once they'd done their jobs, the victims would be given a funeral and then burned as well. Hugh stared at the lumpy tarps for a long moment, then trudged over to sit down by the signal fire.

Sleep wasn't an option anymore tonight. Conversations buzzed all over camp. Most of the camp was there, standing or sitting or pacing anxiously. Chloe was absent, being tended to in a shelter. Sun, Carrie and Rose Elder were huddled with Veronica, who was no longer hysterical, though Hugh wasn't certain her withdrawn silence was a big improvement. She was a smart girl, maybe too smart. Hugh could hear some of the more inflexible minds among them trying already to rationalize what had happened.

Veronica was too smart to be able to retreat into denial that way. She couldn't deny the evidence of her own eyes. Question was: was she flexible enough to wrap her mind around it and come out whole? Hugh didn't know, though he hoped so. Only time would tell.

Hugh heard the crunch of footsteps approaching. He looked up and gratefully received the cup of coffee extended to him. "What's news?" he asked before taking a sip.

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