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Who: George
Where: Medical Facility, in the hallway (initially); George's room
When: Day 23, Afternoon (initially); after dinner
Invited: Captain Jack Harkness
Status: Complete

"Hey, Capt--Jack," George said, ducking into the hallway in pursuit of him. (What am I doing?)

Jack stopped and turned around. "Hey--George! What's up?" He lit up with that disarming smile of his. His eyes raked George with the same cheerful lechery he brought to every conversation with, well--everybody, as far as George could tell.

Okay, Rover, now that you've caught the car, what are you going to do with it? )
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Who: Daniel, Ami
Where: Medical Facility, Kitchen #2
When: Day 23, afternoon after The Unpleasant Announcement
Invited: Open (sorta - Daniel and Ami will change the subject if someone approaches, depending on whom it is)
Status: Complete [Closed]

Daniel knew that there was nothing he could realistically do for Rose and that his presence would only be a hindrance. Instead, Daniel focused on thinning the crowd, reassuring people that Rose was in good hands, and implying that the extraneous prisoners would be relocated to a safe holding port.

As the cafeteria emptied, he noticed Ami in the kitchen area. She was stirring a mug that hot steam rose out of and as he drifted closer, Daniel recognized that it wasn't coffee the woman was enjoying but tea.

"Smells good," Daniel remarked quietly.

"English breakfast," Ami remarked then wrinkled her nose. "That's what the box says at any rate. It really isn't though. A passable mock-up, I suppose." She averted her eyes, focusing intently on the swirling liquid in the cup, her brow furrowed. Her voice pitched lower and she said, "Do you think it'll work?"

Daniel cocked his head in curiosity. "What will work?"

In which Daniel tries to understand Scott )
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Who: Dr. House
Where: Medical facility, OR/Lab
When: Day 23, afternoon, after The unpleasant announcement through early evening.
Invited: The Doctor, Blaise, McKay, Damon, Scott, open.
Status: Complete

While the exam rooms were divvied up, that is, one to the 'staff', one to the scientists, House (and Pierson) had insisted on retaining the OR/Medical lab. House had deigned to share the area with the others, though it was more accurate to refer to it as a suffrance. With McKay and the Doctor moved out, and the exam gurneys moved in, it was a great deal easier to centralize work.

Back to square one )
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Who: Ami
Where: Medical Facility, Bedroom H
When: Day 23, late evening
Invited: Private: Scott
Status: Complete [Closed]

Ironically, Ami wasn't in the mood.

She had been. Once she elicited a promise from Scott that tonight they'd actually make love, she spent the evening preparing. First had come the long, warm shower and the washing and conditioning of her hair. Ami took time to style it carefully, and she liked the results. It had been a while since she'd primped for any reason, and it felt good to do it. Her giddy good mood lasted all the way until she slipped into one of her negligees.

Another reminder from DHARMA )
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Who: Daniel
Where: Medical Facility, Kitchen #2
When: Day 23, noonish
Invited: Open to everyone at the Bunker
Status: Incomplete

"I'm letting them go."

The announcement, predictably, was met with shouts of outrage and protest, which was precisely what Daniel had expected. The archaeologist merely steepled his fingers together, and watched the gathered group of castaways and waited for the uproar to die down.

"They know everything about us," someone pointed out.

It isn't really up for debate )
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Who: Chloe
Where: Camp Crash
When: Day 23, Early Morning
Invited: Carrie, Open
Status: Complete

“Chloe? Chloe, are you awake?” The insistent voice was accompanied by a persistent jostling.

Chloe groaned and covered her eyes with her arm. “I am now,” she muttered. “Go 'way.”

Chloe suffers a rude awakening followed by a moment of enlightenment. )

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