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Who: Daniel
Where: ebil!DHARMA
When: Day 24?
Invited: ebil!Ami, ebil!Daniel (invitees to change in the future)
Status: Incomplete

Daniel forced his eyes open and then wished that he hadn't. Daggers of light stabbed his eyes and pain carved its way through his head. His body reacted involuntarily and eyelids fell like shields against the luminous enemy. The darkness was but a faint refuge. Damage done, the sharp piercing in his brain and just behind his eyes continued. Adding insult to injury, his stomach rebelled and with little consideration for his feelings, his dinner exited his body with unnecessary and cruel force which left him coughing, sweating and panting when it was over.

(Kill me now.) Daniel slumped against something soft.

Not yet.

The voice in his head renewed the sharp edges of pain. Daniel groaned, wrestled with a new round of stomach upheaval and then blissfully embraced the encroaching darkness that swallowed him whole.

Second verse, same as the first )
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Who: Daniel
Where: The Other Side (ebil!AU 'verse)
When: Day 24
Invited: Anyone who came through the rings, ebil!dopplegangers
Status: Incomplete

The ring transporter activated with its usual speed and flash of light. Daniel assumed that it was with its usual flash of light as all he felt was the familiar tingle and the sudden disorientation that accompanied ring transport. Fortunately, past experience more than prepared him for the disorientation and his gun was in his hand before his eyes found a focal point.

Weapon drawn and at ready was a good thing because the focal point happened to be another set of eyes – clearly startled to see Daniel and the rest of his team standing there.

For what felt like an eternity but had to be no longer than a heartbeat the two groups stared at one another as if trying to determine what was going on. Each side armed – well mostly armed given Damon's complete lack of weaponry of any sort – simply having a good old fashioned stare down.

Some people would have called it comical.

Let the games begin )
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Who: Faith
Where: Outside the Staff
When: Day 24, Evening
Invited: Kenzaki
Status: Incomplete

Faith enjoyed sparring. She especially enjoyed sparring when her partner could keep up with her and took a lot more than a few punches and kicks to actually bruise. It took a bit of pantomime to get Kenzaki to stop holding back at first and to understand that Faith really could roll with the punches, but once she did they both got quite the workout.

Of course, expending energy in that way, and with such frequent body-to-body contact, by the time they called it quits, Faith's body was gearing up and ready for another type of workout entirely. The fact that Kenzaki was some sort of alien didn't bother her in the least; after all, Buffy banged Angel and while being a great guy, he was pretty much a lifeless corpse.

Faith is on the prowl. Again. )
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Who: Kenzaki
Where: outside The Staff
When: Day 24, after the meeting about the missing Sparrow
Invited: Anybody remaining at The Staff
Status: Complete

Kenzaki had watched a good half a dozen to a dozen others leave to hunt the pirate and the missing researcher. He himself had considered going, but there was always a possibility that the people responsible for their arrival on this island might use the departure to catch those at the bunker unawares.

At the moment, he was in his human form; no sense in terrifying anyone that hadn't really seen his Scarab Undead form, after all.

He was good at keeping watch, good at keeping people safe, and so that's what he kept doing.

Nodding at one of his fellow castaways as they went in, he continued to watch.
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Who: Damon
Where: Medical Facility: Claire's Room
When: Day 24, during and after Rallying the Troops
Invited: Claire
Status: Incomplete

Damon excused himself briefly while the meeting continued. He wanted to talk to Claire before he set out – and before anything could trickle back through the grapevine to her. He knocked politely, as always and waited for the entreaty to enter, even though he'd spent all of his time since before Aaron's birth zonked out on the couch in Claire's room anyway. As much as everyone else might consider it his room as well as Claire and Aaron's – because even if he hadn't been telepathic, Damon wasn't deaf – he wasn't going to make any presumptions.

"What'd I miss?" Claire asked. She looked up briefly from where she changed Aaron – again – and gave Damon a smile that made his heart skip a few beats. She tried, but failed to hide her worry. "Is everything okay? Are those bastards back?"

"No, nothing like that. Everything will be fine," Damon wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans, trying to ignore the racing of his heart and keep his breathing level. (Christ! I haven't been this nervous since I was a teenager going for second base!) Aaron gave a little whine which helped Damon to take a few calming breaths and bring his nerves under control. As an added precaution against upsetting the infant, he pulled his shields in loosely; it meant sacrificing feeling what Claire was feeling, but at least he didn't have to worry about overwhelming Aaron with nervous anxiety.

Outting himself when it matters most )
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Who: George
Where: Her Room
When: Day 24, morning (immediately following "Walk of Shame"
Invited: Captain Jack Harkness
Status: Complete

George paused outside the door to her room. She considered knocking for a moment, but the thought, (Hell, it's my room.)

She turned the latch and pushed the door open and slipped inside. When the door closed, it was dark. Pitch black. At some point early in the morning, they'd turned off the bedside lamp so they could sleep. Not that they'd actually slept, not for a while yet.

"Jack?" George breathed, hardly loud enough for her own ears. The room was warm and slightly humid. A strong musky scent filled her nose. The smell of sex. George wondered suddenly if she had carried it with her to the kitchen. She shuffled forward, unable to see, gauging her progress by memory. The bed should be a few more careful steps that way....

"Jack?" George asked, a little louder this time. Her foot caught on something and she flailed for moment until she caught her balance. Her foot was tangled in the bundle of sheets they'd pulled off the bed and thrown aside. Kicking carefully, George untangled her foot and then pushed them aside.

Another careful step. Two. Then her shin brushed the side of the bed. George bent and felt around for the mattress. Ah, there. She slid her hands across, feeling for Jack. Was he still in here? Had he left too?

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Who: George
When: Day 24, morning (before Jack Sparrow's cunning escape)
Where: The Kitchen
Invited: All (anyone who wants to tease George about her amorous adventures)
Status: Complete

(Coffee. Need coffee,) George thought. She was exhausted and sleep-deprived...and barely able to walk. Her whole body was pleasantly stiff and sore. Jack's attentions had been very thorough. The thought brought a smile to her face despite her fatigue. She shuffled into the kitchen, eyes open barely enough to see where she was going.

A spattering of applause greeted her, accompanied by a few whistles and shouts of "Woohoo!" and "You go, girl!" George was startled by her reception, but she recovered quickly. Her pace barely slowed before she gave her audience the finger, generating a few laughs, and stumbled toward the coffee pot.

George settled down at a table and hunched over her coffee mug, wrapping both hands around it and breathing in the heavenly scent. She sat with closed eyes, sipping her coffee and replaying her memories of the night before. It was no surprise when she sensed someone sit down beside her.
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Who: Damon
When: Day 24, late morning, continuing from Feeling Paternal
Where: Outside the Medical Facility
Invited: Open
Status: Complete [Closed]

Damon blinked awake, allowing the world to come slowly back into focus. The sun was shining brightly and he smelled grass and trees and felt a warm breeze blowing across his body. There were faint noises in the distance, and as he woke completely, he realized why this seemed strange for the bunker. It was because he wasn't in the bunker.

He shifted a bit, then stopped as he registered the light weight on his chest and a giggle off to the side. Opening his eyes completely, he lifted his head just enough to gaze down a small, rounded head of bright red hair. The presence of the sleeping baby on his chest also explained the continuing giggles and Damon turned his head enough to look up at Claire.

"So is bed an upgrade or a downgrade from Uncle?" He grinned.

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes )
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Who: Damon, Ami
Where: Medical Facility (the Staff), laundry room & corridor outside
When: Day 24, early morning
Invited: Open
Status: Incomplete

Amazingly enough, Damon discovered that the laundry room turned out to be the quietest place in the bunker. Even with the sloshing of the washer and the hum and buzz of the dryer, Aaron stopped his fussing and quieted right down. Or maybe it was because of the washer and dryer. But he wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

"I guess it really is all about white noise, huh?" He asked the baby softly as the blue eyes blinked and fluttered. "Well, whatever it takes to get you to rest, and get your Mum to rest too." Damon hopped up on the dryer with the babe cradled against his chest, a feat he never thought that he would have even contemplated attempting, never mind actually managing to carry out, with a few days old baby in his arms.

Stretching out so that he was sprawled over both the washer and the dryer, he carefully positioned Aaron on his chest. Aaron blinked at him, unrefined and jagged emotions rolling away from the baby – confusion or something like it melting into trust.

Catching up and underscoring denial )

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