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OOC: Or, what happened on Day 6 with Daniel, Clarice and the RenFaire Luv Nest. No, we haven't forgotten.

Day 6: Romantic Rendezvous )
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Although Scott was certain that he wouldn't be able to fall asleep, he retired with Ami to their tepee when she announced that she was "right knackered." Since he'd told her that Ripley would come and get them after her buzz wore off, they kept their hormones in check and simply curled up together.

It hadn't taken long for Ami to fall asleep. After she did, Scott summoned his sphere to his hand telekinetically. He'd also made sure that Ami was on the far side of the shelter's entrance. However unlikely another attack was, Scott wasn't taking any chances.

The next thing Scott knew a hand was touching his shoulder. He jerked awake, connecting with his sphere and telekinetically pinning the intruder to the inside of the tepee. Alarm and surprise came at him from two sources: Ami and the intruder. The light from his sphere showed that intruder was none other than Ripley.

"Ripley!" Scott exclaimed as he released her and his sphere went dormant. He was simultaneously relieved, embarrassed, and a little irritated. "You scared the crap out of me."
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Not a bad sunset, for a deathtrap. )
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After a dinner of everything-in-the-kitchen-sink stew (which was decidedly strange but not bad-tasting) and a side of roast turtle, Scott and Ami stayed with the group talking for a while. Before long Scott was half-listening to the conversation and mostly keeping an eye out for Ripley. When he finally spotted her near the treeline, Scott abruptly excused himself and walked over to her. "Hey, Ripley!" he called ahead.

OOC: Anyone get the song lyric reference?
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Daisy gave Tara a smile, though she suspected it didn't quite reach her eyes. She was still upset about John's reaction to her concern for him. She was just trying to protect him! (Men!) she thought. (Pride was the surest way she knew to get yourself killed.)

Daisy's internal monologue )
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Sawyer's find )

OOC: Anyone who hasn't looked in the box, feel free to add your response to this post
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Once they finished cleaning the fish and made certain that there weren't other any niggling chores remaining that would bar the preparation of dinner, Ami and Scott excused themselves to get cleaned up. They stopped by the teepee and grabbed yet another change of clothes and Ami absently noted that a week on a desert island was wreaking havoc on her wardrobe and she'd have to do laundry, probably tomorrow. But that was a secondary consideration )
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After Tara retrieved her photo from the Doctor, she slipped away from the group, and went to her campsite to slip it into her duffle bag. She considered staying away from the others, but took a deep breath and decided to rejoin them. After all, her 'gift' hadn't been entirely bad, even if it had been impossible.

Coming back to the campfire, she saw that people were still finding personal items in the Box, some reacting with tears or joy, and some just stunned speechless. She wished there was some way of knowing how it, and it's contents had come to be here.

Tara shook her head slightly, and decided to focus on the practicalities, for now. There was still a lot of food to prepare for the sink-turned-cookpot, and... Oh, she had forgotten about the turtle. Was it still edible? She had no idea. Hadn't Tommy said that he used to be a marine biologist, she thought, if so, then he might know.

"Tommy?" she said, coming up to him, "Would you take a look at the turtle? Maybe you could see if it's still good for eating, or how we could go about salvaging the shell at least?"
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(OOC: This takes place around the same time Ash and co get home--thus, later in the day. Putting it down now largely due to possible huge lack of time later today).

Decisions, decisions.... )
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OOC:Sorry I haven't been posting...my muses have been elsewhere...I'm ready to get back in though.

Assassins and tracking never really mixed... )

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