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Who: May-in-Hiro, Hiro-in-May, Chloe-in-Faith, Rose, Isabel
Where: Hallway outside laundry room, en route to Kitchen/Cafeteria #2 (not the research caf)
When: Day 29, shortly after 1 pm (coming directly from this thread)
Invited: Anyone wanting to avoid the research, labs, or murder scene
Status: Complete

As soon as May saw the look in Isabel's eyes, she knew exactly what it meant.

It's the quiet of a storm approaching / That I fear the most )

OOC: Bed! Kind of pathetic, I know, but my brain is turning off now. Note to Hiro's player - let me know if you want May to set off any of Hiro's abilities accidentally. The island will probably mess with it. And May's spider-sense is pretty much innate and will probably go off a bit for a minor warning, e.g. something about to fall on somebody.

OOC 2: Just edited this post to note that Faith is checking out the scene. Thanks for the heads-up
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Who: Daniel-in-the-Doctor, Faith-in-Chloe
Where: The hallway outside the cafeteria
When: Early afternoon (concurrent with "Research, research, research")
Invited: Anyone
Status: Incomplete

Daniel knew that he was good at and knowledgeable about many things, but a few minutes of listening to the magic debate and the discussions of metaphysics – that he truly hadn't believed in until arriving on the island – told him that he was well out of his league. He didn't quite trust Willow – her ability showed itself to skirt the edges of fine control – but he was willing to leave her to it in the presence of Tara and the Winchester brothers, whom despite their controlling natures and paranoia, seemed to possess a bit of common sense about these things.

Besides, being in the Doctor's body was far too distracting.

Being Nine )
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Who: Ash
When: Day 29, (approx. 4 to 6 a.m.)
Invited: ALL PLAY
Status: Complete

Edited to add: Don't sweat the details of how your characters switched bodies. I added the "touching or close by" requirement to give people an out if they didn't want to have their hharacters swap places. Now I'm revoking it. If you want to join in, forget that. It's simply random--if you and another player want to join the party, just do it. Doesn't matter how close you were or weren't.

I may not have gotten every single syllable exactly right.... )
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Who: Chloe Sullivan
When: Evening, Day 28
Where: The Jail aka the Other Bunker
Invited: Faith, Locke, Daniel, Sam Tyler, et al
Status: Complete

Tropical islands sounded like a wonderful place to live, or at least to visit. And maybe they were, if you were on the beach or in a hotel with climate control. Or even a quaint thatch-roofed hut with a lazily turning ceiling fan and open windows. But in the jungle? In the rain? Not so much.

Chloe finds that she likes sun drenched beaches a lot more than rain soaked jungle. )
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Who: Faith
Where: The Staff, One of the bedrooms
When: DAy 28, during and after The Return
Invited: Chris, open
Status: Incomplete

Finding dry clothes was easy, although Faith didn't think they were hers. They were too loose in places where she thought they should be snug, far too modest for her liking. She managed to get creative, positioning the jeans on her hips so that just enough of her hips showed and teased, and some creative tying of the t-shirt left her belly bare and hinted at the bare underside of her breasts.

Faith brushed out her hair, put on some lipstick – no reason to not look gorgeous hot – and ducked into the halls. She decided that on the way back to find food, exploring – or rather snooping – would be the name of the game. Who knew? She might even find her bedroom and her belongings, outside of a trunk full of kick ass weapons.

Faith, just being Faith )
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Who: The Whole Frakkin' Posse
Where: DHARMA Bunker: The Kitchen
When: Around noonish, during Soup's On
Invited: Anyone
Status: Complete

Tropical thunderstorms, the group quickly learned, were violent and intense and happened without any discernible warning.* Just as quickly the rain ended and then started up again. During the first deluge, they all crowded into the "jail" and listened to the thunder rock the trees while lightening illuminated the sky. The second deluge caught them on the walk back from the jail.

Daniel thought that the rain was a pleasant balm. )

[*OOC: Information taken right from Tropical Weather Survial]
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Who: Faith
Where: Outside the Staff
When: Day 24, Evening
Invited: Kenzaki
Status: Incomplete

Faith enjoyed sparring. She especially enjoyed sparring when her partner could keep up with her and took a lot more than a few punches and kicks to actually bruise. It took a bit of pantomime to get Kenzaki to stop holding back at first and to understand that Faith really could roll with the punches, but once she did they both got quite the workout.

Of course, expending energy in that way, and with such frequent body-to-body contact, by the time they called it quits, Faith's body was gearing up and ready for another type of workout entirely. The fact that Kenzaki was some sort of alien didn't bother her in the least; after all, Buffy banged Angel and while being a great guy, he was pretty much a lifeless corpse.

Faith is on the prowl. Again. )
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Who: Charlie Pace
Where: The Staff
When: Late Night, Day 27
Invited: Anyone
Status: Complete

Charlie scowled to himself. Being here sucked. The Staff sucked. The beach camp sucked. (If not for the food,) Charlie thought, (I'd go back to the beach camp.)

Charlie gets an eyeful. )
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Who: Kenzaki
Where: outside The Staff
When: Day 24, after the meeting about the missing Sparrow
Invited: Anybody remaining at The Staff
Status: Complete

Kenzaki had watched a good half a dozen to a dozen others leave to hunt the pirate and the missing researcher. He himself had considered going, but there was always a possibility that the people responsible for their arrival on this island might use the departure to catch those at the bunker unawares.

At the moment, he was in his human form; no sense in terrifying anyone that hadn't really seen his Scarab Undead form, after all.

He was good at keeping watch, good at keeping people safe, and so that's what he kept doing.

Nodding at one of his fellow castaways as they went in, he continued to watch.
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Who: Tara, May, Molly, Ami, River, Chris, Faith, Daniel, anyone else
Where: Medical Facility
When: Day 22, late afternoon
Invited: Open
Status: Complete

ooc: not sure who's all going. so if the list Tara tells Daniel doesn't include you and you want to go, just post a walk-in.

The ladies went to the cafeteria where they began to gather some simple supplies for their journey. Daniel happened to be there getting some coffee and chatting with Chris. Tara approached the two, trying to walk without using the tables and chairs for support. She had indeed finished the rest of her sandwhich and an extra banana. It made her overfull to eat that much right now, but Molly was right, she needed fuel. she could feel the physical energy coursing through her body as she digested the food. She just wished she could feel the same about her magical energy. "Daniel, Molly, May, Faith, and myself are taking a short trip. Hopefully, with the help of a teleporter (she hoped Chris would be amenable). We need to head South and East of here to find some ley lines. I believe the ley lines will help me get my magic back." She sat down next to them, knowing standing wasn't in her best interest right now.
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Who: Hugh Emerson
Where: Camp Crash
When: Day 21, Oh-Dark-Thirty in the morning
Invited: Anyone at Camp Crash
Status: Complete [Closed]

The bodies of the vampires burned briskly. They'd been carried well down the beach, dumped onto a pile of wood "borrowed" from the regular signal fire supply, and doused with a cupful or two of Dr. Pierson's moonshine. Then Sayid had set them afire without ceremony. Monsters didn't deserve any such consideration as far as Hugh was concerned.

The bodies of their victims had been collected and laid out side by side under tarps and blankets, awaiting the arrival or George or Daisy, or both. Once they'd done their jobs, the victims would be given a funeral and then burned as well. Hugh stared at the lumpy tarps for a long moment, then trudged over to sit down by the signal fire.

Sleep wasn't an option anymore tonight. Conversations buzzed all over camp. Most of the camp was there, standing or sitting or pacing anxiously. Chloe was absent, being tended to in a shelter. Sun, Carrie and Rose Elder were huddled with Veronica, who was no longer hysterical, though Hugh wasn't certain her withdrawn silence was a big improvement. She was a smart girl, maybe too smart. Hugh could hear some of the more inflexible minds among them trying already to rationalize what had happened.

Veronica was too smart to be able to retreat into denial that way. She couldn't deny the evidence of her own eyes. Question was: was she flexible enough to wrap her mind around it and come out whole? Hugh didn't know, though he hoped so. Only time would tell.

Hugh heard the crunch of footsteps approaching. He looked up and gratefully received the cup of coffee extended to him. "What's news?" he asked before taking a sip.
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Who: Daniel
Where: Medical Facility: Control Room
When: Day 20, Late Night During Raelle's Arrival
Invited: Everyone in the bunker (NOTE: This thread may have multiple locations)
Status: Complete

Daniel made quick time reaching the control room. Jon looked up at him in surprise.

"Keep at it, you have your orders," Daniel told him, brusquely. He didn't even think about it, how he reacted or what he said. He just did it. Taking charge was becoming easier and easier.

Isn't this fun? )
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Who: Faith, George
Where: The clearing in the jungle
When: Day 20, late afternoon, picking up from Echoes of Mason
Invited: Clearing peeps, Beach peeps who wish to wander up
Status: Complete

Not unexpectedly, but several people were looking suspiciously and guardedly around, armed with big sticks and rocks as George pulled the jeep to a halt near the clearing with the "ring transporter." Daniel had explained to Faith how it worked, and how to use it, but he'd also pointed out that Jin was well acquainted with it as well.

"Just enough room to park the car," Faith muttered. "Why am I not surprised?"

Delivering the news )
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Who: George, Faith
Where: On The Road, such as it is
When: Day 20, after Independent Women.
Invited: Beach Peeps, eventually
Status: Complete

No, my driving is not what killed me, thank you very much! )
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Who: Faith
Where: Medical Facility: George's Room
When: Day 20, after Isabel's Exposition
Invited: George, (And May if she's trying to track down Faith to talk to her in pseudo-private)
Status: Complete

Faith left the cafeteria and headed right for George's room. Her assumption was that the other woman had gone to change her clothes and/or take a shower. After getting riddled with bullet holes, it was the most logical course of action.

Faith makes herself comfortable. )
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Who: Isabel
Where: Medical Facility: Cafeteria #1
When: Day 20, Mid-Morning
Invited: Everyone in Cafeteria #1
Status: Complete

Isabel let herself be pushed to the cafeteria, ignoring the guns. Of course they didn't trust her. She'd hardly acquitted herself with honour and dignity so far.

The cafeteria was nearly empty, but people were drifting around, drawn by the commotion. Now that Claire was found, Isabel assumed that many would return. she found a seat and sat on it, leaning her elbows on the table and resting her head in her hands.

Suddenly the urge to tell her story became overwhelming. )
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Blaise hurried out of the kitchen as quickly as he could, squeezing past people milling around, and picking his way past those sitting or lying on chairs and the floor. Daniel wanted him to check on the prisoners--a fine idea, that. The prisoners weren't far from the kitchen, really.

Ethan is a real pain in the ass. )
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With things more or less, back to normal, Daniel resumed the briefing minus a few additional bodies. He knew that Molly was tending to Tara, and that May and Chris had presumably gone in that direction as well. Rodney was working on finding a way to dampen down Tara and hopefully the Doctor would be able to provide assistance in that endeavor as well. Faith was assigned to Isabel duty and he trusted that Molly and Chris would be able to keep an eye on May. As helpful as the young woman and the Winchester boys had been thus far, he still wasn't ready to lower his guard completely.

Further considerations )

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