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Who: May-in-Hiro, Hiro-in-May, Chloe-in-Faith, Rose, Isabel
Where: Hallway outside laundry room, en route to Kitchen/Cafeteria #2 (not the research caf)
When: Day 29, shortly after 1 pm (coming directly from this thread)
Invited: Anyone wanting to avoid the research, labs, or murder scene
Status: Complete

As soon as May saw the look in Isabel's eyes, she knew exactly what it meant.

It's the quiet of a storm approaching / That I fear the most )

OOC: Bed! Kind of pathetic, I know, but my brain is turning off now. Note to Hiro's player - let me know if you want May to set off any of Hiro's abilities accidentally. The island will probably mess with it. And May's spider-sense is pretty much innate and will probably go off a bit for a minor warning, e.g. something about to fall on somebody.

OOC 2: Just edited this post to note that Faith is checking out the scene. Thanks for the heads-up
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Who: Isabel
When: Day 28, late night
Where: One of the tents outside the bunker
Invited: Anyone
Status: Incomplete

Unable to find a bedroom in the bunker which didn't look claimed, Isabel had occupied a sparsely-equipped tent outside. A small tear in the fabric which let an unpleasant breeze in had succumbed to her talents and knitted itself back together under the touch of her fingertips. Brief concentration allowed her to warm the damp and chill out of the sleeping bag, and she snuggled into it contentedly, drifting off to sleep with the all the tiredness she'd claimed to feel. It was still early, but it had been a busy day.

Isabel goes a-dreaming )
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Who: Isabel
Where: Somewhere that looks like the pod chamber
Invited: Any Ebil! AU!people
When: Day 24
Status: Seriously mucked up

Isabel's got nothing on )
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Who: Isabel
Where: Outside the prison
When: Day 24, early evening
Invited: Anybody who's coming Jack Sparrow hunting
Status: Winding down

Roll up roll up for the great Jack Sparrow hunt )
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Who: Daniel, Ami
Where: Medical Facility, Kitchen #2
When: Day 23, afternoon after The Unpleasant Announcement
Invited: Open (sorta - Daniel and Ami will change the subject if someone approaches, depending on whom it is)
Status: Complete [Closed]

Daniel knew that there was nothing he could realistically do for Rose and that his presence would only be a hindrance. Instead, Daniel focused on thinning the crowd, reassuring people that Rose was in good hands, and implying that the extraneous prisoners would be relocated to a safe holding port.

As the cafeteria emptied, he noticed Ami in the kitchen area. She was stirring a mug that hot steam rose out of and as he drifted closer, Daniel recognized that it wasn't coffee the woman was enjoying but tea.

"Smells good," Daniel remarked quietly.

"English breakfast," Ami remarked then wrinkled her nose. "That's what the box says at any rate. It really isn't though. A passable mock-up, I suppose." She averted her eyes, focusing intently on the swirling liquid in the cup, her brow furrowed. Her voice pitched lower and she said, "Do you think it'll work?"

Daniel cocked his head in curiosity. "What will work?"

In which Daniel tries to understand Scott )
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Who: Isabel
Where: A previously-unclaimed bedroom, The Staff
When: The depths of the night between days 22 and 23
Invited: Daniel if he's interested, the Doctor, anybody wanting to NPC Dr Wilson, Sakai or Ethan's dream state or barge in and make a scene
Status: Complete

It was late, or early if you looked at things the other way, and the bunker was still and quiet. Isabel had changed into scrubs for want of a set of proper pyjamas, and sat up in bed studying the three pictures Daniel had provided. Ethan, Dr. Wilson, Sakai. Three names she'd come to hate just over the last couple of days, hearing what people were afraid to say about them.

She knew she'd only heard a little of what had happened, and she knew she was likely to see more of it tonight. This was not going to be pleasant, but she'd decided it was necessary, and she'd got the go-ahead... so why so nervous?

You're not going to turn evil from looking at their dreams, she reminded herself, and took a deep breath.

Time to start )
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Who: Isabel
Where: The Staff
When: Late evening, day 22 (after or during a break in Throwing Stones)
Invited: Daniel, anyone who overhears
Status: Complete

Isabel moved through the corridors of the bunker with purpose. It was something new for her on this island, but she'd been thinking a lot the last day or so, mostly by herself, interacting with the others as little as possible. As a result, she'd not eaten very well, but that was of minor concern right now. She'd heard enough of what was going on to have realised where her talents would be useful.

She stuck her head into the cafeteria and found it empty, although a fresh pot of coffee steamed away in the kitchen. The bathroom was empty... Isabel continued onward, and rounded a corner to nearly collide with Daniel.

"Dr Jackson!" she exclaimed. "Sorry. I've been looking for you."

The archaeologist gave her a curious look.

"Have you?"

"Yes. I've been thinking, and... well. I want to help. I know you're interrogating DHARMA prisoners. Tough ones." She took a breath. "Would you like to know what they're dreaming about?"
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Who: Isabel
Where: Outside the medical facility
When: Early evening, day 21 (almost immediately after Back to the real world)
Invited: Anyone
Status: Complete

Isabel burst into the fresh air )
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Who: Isabel
Where: The Staff cafeteria
When: Day 21, late afternoon
Invited: Anybody in the cafeteria or anybody who drops in
Status: Complete

She ran through thick and tangled forest )
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Who: Daniel
Where: Medical Facility: Control Room
When: Day 20, Late Night During Raelle's Arrival
Invited: Everyone in the bunker (NOTE: This thread may have multiple locations)
Status: Complete

Daniel made quick time reaching the control room. Jon looked up at him in surprise.

"Keep at it, you have your orders," Daniel told him, brusquely. He didn't even think about it, how he reacted or what he said. He just did it. Taking charge was becoming easier and easier.

Isn't this fun? )
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Who: McKay
Where: Medical Facility: Kitchen #1
When: Day 20, late-afternoon, immediately after 'Late-afternoon Awakening'
Invited: Isabel, anyone
Status: Complete

Food good. )
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Who: Aiden
What: Breakdown
Where: Medical Facility Bedroom C
When: Day 20 late at night
Invited: Anyone
Status: Incomplete

It was late and quiet. Finally quiet after a day of chaos. Though she would have swore to it earlier she wasn’t thankful for the silence tonight. Tonight more than any other she longed for the constant hum of the city, tonight because this was the night she finally realized she wasn’t going home.

Curled up in the corner of the room Aiden was still wearing the scrub pants, though she had changed her top to the worn out FBI t-shirt she’d swiped from her best friend shortly after he’d moved back home. Her best friend she’d never see again. He’d do anything for her, go to the ends of the earth to find her, but it didn’t matter. This place was some kind of Bermuda triangle like trap. You came in but didn’t go out.

And she cried. Cried for all the people she’d never see again, cried for the memories she couldn’t keep from running through her head. Each of her five senses seemed to betray her, bombarding her with memories. She rememberd the sound of the rats that used to run along the beams in the ceiling where she grew up,remembered the sound of her and her partner’s skates slicing through the ice in perfect unison. She could see Danny’s brilliant smile, her mother’s artwork. She could smell the gunpowder from when her and Stella would go to the range and the fish from down the dock were one of her brothers worked. She could taste her father’s spaghetti sauce, and blood in her mouth when her face hit concrete. And she could feel the baby that once grew inside her, and feel the bite in the air the day they buried her.

The memories themselves came disjointed and random. But she knew everyone intimately, and they forced on her a wave of emotions she couldn’t keep back. She felt like she was drowning. Her sobs echoed eerily in the room and her face was wet with tears.
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Who: Jack Sparrow
Where: Medical Facility, Cafeteria 1
When: Day 20, about noonish
Invited: Everyone in Cafeteria 1
Status: Complete

(OOC - Jack is coming from here.)

Jack reached the cafeteria a lot slower than he expected. The bottle of rum that he'd found had been mostly full when he left the security office, but it was now less than a quarter full. Predictably, he was staggering more than he had in the past few days.

Uncle Jack says relax... )
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Who: Isabel
Where: Medical Facility: Cafeteria #1
When: Day 20, Mid-Morning
Invited: Everyone in Cafeteria #1
Status: Complete

Isabel let herself be pushed to the cafeteria, ignoring the guns. Of course they didn't trust her. She'd hardly acquitted herself with honour and dignity so far.

The cafeteria was nearly empty, but people were drifting around, drawn by the commotion. Now that Claire was found, Isabel assumed that many would return. she found a seat and sat on it, leaning her elbows on the table and resting her head in her hands.

Suddenly the urge to tell her story became overwhelming. )
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Dean kept watching both the room and Isabel. Waiting and expecting something to happen. "Dean, could you give me a hand?" Great, yeah, he wanted to, but that would mean not being able to watch Isabel. "DON'T Move!" Dean threatened Isabel. He clamored into the room on the other side from Locke and hefted Claire up. Yeah, she was preggers alright. Damon moved off to the side, obviously unhappy about being so far away from Claire. "Don't worry, we'll take good care of your lady and your baby."

Isabel poked her head through the door and stared slackjawed at Claire. Dean became instantly alert to any move on her part, but she simply stared.

ooc: I've assumed that Dean sorta picked up on their attraction subconsciously and then extrapolated to one helluva assumption.
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With things more or less, back to normal, Daniel resumed the briefing minus a few additional bodies. He knew that Molly was tending to Tara, and that May and Chris had presumably gone in that direction as well. Rodney was working on finding a way to dampen down Tara and hopefully the Doctor would be able to provide assistance in that endeavor as well. Faith was assigned to Isabel duty and he trusted that Molly and Chris would be able to keep an eye on May. As helpful as the young woman and the Winchester boys had been thus far, he still wasn't ready to lower his guard completely.

Further considerations )

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