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Who: Faith
Where: Outside the Staff
When: Day 24, Evening
Invited: Kenzaki
Status: Incomplete

Faith enjoyed sparring. She especially enjoyed sparring when her partner could keep up with her and took a lot more than a few punches and kicks to actually bruise. It took a bit of pantomime to get Kenzaki to stop holding back at first and to understand that Faith really could roll with the punches, but once she did they both got quite the workout.

Of course, expending energy in that way, and with such frequent body-to-body contact, by the time they called it quits, Faith's body was gearing up and ready for another type of workout entirely. The fact that Kenzaki was some sort of alien didn't bother her in the least; after all, Buffy banged Angel and while being a great guy, he was pretty much a lifeless corpse.

Faith is on the prowl. Again. )
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Who: Kenzaki
Where: outside The Staff
When: Day 24, after the meeting about the missing Sparrow
Invited: Anybody remaining at The Staff
Status: Complete

Kenzaki had watched a good half a dozen to a dozen others leave to hunt the pirate and the missing researcher. He himself had considered going, but there was always a possibility that the people responsible for their arrival on this island might use the departure to catch those at the bunker unawares.

At the moment, he was in his human form; no sense in terrifying anyone that hadn't really seen his Scarab Undead form, after all.

He was good at keeping watch, good at keeping people safe, and so that's what he kept doing.

Nodding at one of his fellow castaways as they went in, he continued to watch.
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Who: Scott, Ethan, Locke (briefly)
Where: Mini-Bunker, Jail/Observation Station
When: Day 22, evening
Invited: Aiden, anyone who wants in on the interrogation action
Status: Completed

The observation station-turned-jail had been a mess. Most of the able-bodied who'd moved to the bunker had spent much of the previous day* sweeping, scrubbing, and being shrilly shooed away from the "Ancient" technology by McKay.

Even if the facility hadn't contained the fascinating crystal-based tech, Scott still would have helped clean it up. The sooner the jail was functional and clean(ish), the sooner they'd get answers out of the DHARMA mad scientists and thugs. And, of course, revenge. )

* the previous day = day 21
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Who: Daniel
Where: Mini-Bunker, Jail/Observation Station
When: Day 20, late night/Day 21, early morning
Invited: Anyone
Status: Complete [Closed]

The Wraith threat was, as far as they knew, ended. )
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Who: Jon Murphy
Where: heading NW from the medical facility
When: Day 20, midday/early afternoon (after this)
Invited: May, Kenzaki
Status: Complete

Eep! )

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