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Who: May-in-Hiro, Hiro-in-May, Chloe-in-Faith, Rose, Isabel
Where: Hallway outside laundry room, en route to Kitchen/Cafeteria #2 (not the research caf)
When: Day 29, shortly after 1 pm (coming directly from this thread)
Invited: Anyone wanting to avoid the research, labs, or murder scene
Status: Complete

As soon as May saw the look in Isabel's eyes, she knew exactly what it meant.

It's the quiet of a storm approaching / That I fear the most )

OOC: Bed! Kind of pathetic, I know, but my brain is turning off now. Note to Hiro's player - let me know if you want May to set off any of Hiro's abilities accidentally. The island will probably mess with it. And May's spider-sense is pretty much innate and will probably go off a bit for a minor warning, e.g. something about to fall on somebody.

OOC 2: Just edited this post to note that Faith is checking out the scene. Thanks for the heads-up
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Who: Mayday, River, Ripley, Claire, Chris
Where: The Staff, hallway outside of/in Room E
When: Day 28, morning, after/during Search and Rescue
Invited: Anyone wandering down the hall
Status: Incomplete

May hurried down the corridor, balancing a plate of pancakes, a bottle of Tylenol she'd liberated from someone's bag, and two bottles of water with uncanny ease as she sprinted down the hall towards the bedroom. How could she have forgotten the other two they'd left behind - especially the girl who couldn't turn off mind-reading? )
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Who: Daniel
Where: Medical Facility, Kitchen #2
When: Day 23, noonish
Invited: Open to everyone at the Bunker
Status: Incomplete

"I'm letting them go."

The announcement, predictably, was met with shouts of outrage and protest, which was precisely what Daniel had expected. The archaeologist merely steepled his fingers together, and watched the gathered group of castaways and waited for the uproar to die down.

"They know everything about us," someone pointed out.

It isn't really up for debate )
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Who: Ami, Rose, Mayday, Tara
Where: Outside the Medical Facility
When: Day 22 continuing from What You Don't Know (before and during Cops and Sociopaths)
Invited: Open
Status: Complete [Closed]

The sun was a lot warmer and a lot brighter than Ami remembered. It was only when she stepped outside the bunker and blinked in the bright light and smelled the sharp scents of grass and leaves and everything outdoors that she realized precisely how long she had been trapped inside the walls of that bunker. She'd forgotten what the tropical sun felt like, and the way the soft breezes lit across her skin and blew through her hair.

She'd forgotten and she missed it )
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Who: McKay
Where: Medical Facility, Bedroom L to Wraith Dart S of the Facility.
When: Early Morning, Day 21 (directly after 'Working it out', before 'Back to the Real World'.)
Invited: Raelle, Jon, Daniel, Anyone who wants a look at one of the darts. :)
Status: Complete

Just a few minutes... hours... )
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Who: Ami
Where: Medical Facility
When: Day 22 (during Cops and Sociopaths)
Invited: Rose, anyone
Status: Complete [Closed]

Even with their link constricted, Ami couldn't stop thinking about Scott. Or rather about Scott questioning Ethan and the fallout from that. She tried not to, but the more she tried not to think about it, the more she did think about it. Ami knew why Ethan had to be questioned, and why he was the central target, but she wondered if anyone had paid attention to the fact that Ethan wasn't the man in the charge. He was a cretin yes, and he deserved whatever happened to him, but Ethan was small potatoes compared to the missing Dr. Carlson. He was the one that they really wanted, and according to Alex he was as slippery as a fish covered in oil.

Alex didn't think that they would ever find Carlson )

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