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Who: The Whole Frakkin' Posse
Where: DHARMA Bunker: The Kitchen
When: Around noonish, during Soup's On
Invited: Anyone
Status: Complete

Tropical thunderstorms, the group quickly learned, were violent and intense and happened without any discernible warning.* Just as quickly the rain ended and then started up again. During the first deluge, they all crowded into the "jail" and listened to the thunder rock the trees while lightening illuminated the sky. The second deluge caught them on the walk back from the jail.

Daniel thought that the rain was a pleasant balm. )

[*OOC: Information taken right from Tropical Weather Survial]
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Who: Damon
Where: Medical Facility: Room G
When: Day 21, morning
Invited: Claire, Dr. House, Methos, anyone who can help with a delivery
Status: Complete [Closed]

Claire was in the final stretch of what had been, according to House, a "typical labor." Claire wasn't too interested in House's definitions of typical or his lectures about to what to expect by this point in time. She'd actually banished the doctor from the room three times, only to have him leave with a laugh and a promise to return – which he always did.

Nature's miracle )
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Who: Dean, Sam, Locke
Where: Outside near the Medical Facility
When: Day 20, late night, just after Raelle's arrival
Invited: McKay, anyone at outside the Medical Facility
Status: Complete

The scene outside of the bunker was mass chaos. May leapt through the trees, energy and projectile shots were fired, and most suprisingly of all, the truly strange-looking spiney demon morphed into Kenzaki before passing out on Daniel.

John, Dean, and Sam gaped at the sight from where they'd taken cover at the edge of the jungle. While Dean grumbled about only being able to take potshots at a few of the Wraith, Sam had been searching Dad's journal for a spell to close the vortex that continued to swirl ominously overhead. More... )
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Who: Daniel
Where: Medical Facility: Control Room
When: Day 20, Late Night During Raelle's Arrival
Invited: Everyone in the bunker (NOTE: This thread may have multiple locations)
Status: Complete

Daniel made quick time reaching the control room. Jon looked up at him in surprise.

"Keep at it, you have your orders," Daniel told him, brusquely. He didn't even think about it, how he reacted or what he said. He just did it. Taking charge was becoming easier and easier.

Isn't this fun? )
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Who: Aiden
Where: Dharma Medical Facility
When: Day 20 immediately after game event
Invited: Boone, Jon, Ripley, Rose, McKay, one of the doctors would be helpful too
Status: Closed

"I think most of the acid's washed off." AIden replied still sitting on the shower floor holding up Boone. In her mind she was wonder how the hell all this had happened. Why hadn't they cleared the building? And how did this guy get a gun, let alone a semi-automatic pistol. Heavy ammo, despite the fact that you could pick one up at your local Wal-Mart these days. And what now? Aiden didn't want to calculate the risk of infection for her small wound let alone Boone's. She really hoped the medical supplies were well stocked. And if they were stocked once they would need to be so again. Where were they getting supplies from? Perhaps there was hopes to get off this island yet.

"Somebody turn off the water please." she said quietly, lost in thought for a second. "And we're going to need clean scrubs, bandages, antibiotic ointment..." she noticed a little blood trickling down her own arm then looked to see if Boone was bleeding. "Get one of the doctors if the're free, if not I can triage him, but he'll still need to be looked at." She laid a hand on Boone's chest to feel his breathing, looked over his neck, checking to see if Ripley had done any significent damage.

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Who: Claire
Where: Bedroom G, medical facility
When: Day 20, mid-morning
Invited: Damon, Methos, Locke (and open)
Status: Incomplete

Too much )

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