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George gaped at the man, stunned by his reaction. She remained silent when Tommy came to her defense and Mara pleaded for peace, still at a loss for words. Then she got her feet as well, muttering, "Screw you!" and turned away from him.

I See Dead People. )
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They reached the crash site almost immediately on the morning of their third day on the trail. The late start after Amanda's attack had put them behind schedule. They probably could have pushed on to the crash site yesterday if they'd been willing to keep moving after dark--it was that close. George looked over the crash site. )

George had been pleased to discover that when Carlos packed up their things the entrenching tool she'd borrowed from Blaise in anticipation of digging up the bodies had been among them. She'd stuffed it into the backpack she was wearing, keeping it handy. She looked over at Faith. "So, where did you bury them?"
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"The caves are ready for habitation. Michael and Sully have started work on creating apartments, and have plenty of suggestions to help and offer to anyone wanting to move there. No one has to go, no one is being forced. You can stay on the beach if you like, or you may move to the caves," Daniel announced.

"It's a two hour hike there, but it is close to a water source. Moving out in the morning would probably be best for all those interested in moving."

[OOC: Yeah, short and sweet.]
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Faith had no intentions of hanging around the camp to find out what was to be done with Amanda. She kept telling herself that it was because George was all right, so therefore it wasn't her problem; truthfully, she just wanted to get away from the gleeful blood lust she felt at that thought of killing Amanda. Faith knew that she was running again, but it didn't worry her so much. There was only so far she could go on the island adn eventually, she'd be back at the camp. Hopefully by then, the people in charge would have handled the Amanda issue one way or another.

Waiting for the stragglers )
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There comes a time when all men...yeah, whatever. )

[OOC: Edited to: allow Jon, Quentin and Methos to still be on the beach and present for this conversation if they would like.]
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OOC: Set a couple of hours after Faith's team leaves to find her and Mara's plane

IC: Aiden Burn was flat on her back when she woke up. That in itself was strange, she was used to sleeping on her stomach. But despite the unusual position her body was lying in that in, that in and of itself wasn’t enough to make her realize something was wrong. Really it was the silence that stirred her most. Aiden was a city girl, born and bred, silence outdoors was a foreign thing to her, even in the dead of night. And this wasn’t the dead of night. Her eyes fluttered open and slowly began to adjust to the daylight surrounding her. Filtered through the forest canopy it made the jungle seem hazy and foreboding. Jungle? Aiden sat up with a start. Her head swam slightly and she reached up her hand to her forehead and winced at the pain.

the pain made it real, not a nightmare, though it was that too )
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They put the funerary pyre at the original crash site. Somehow it seemed fitting that way. Built and lit on the far side of the fuselage, better to block the smoke and the sight from the camp; the memories that plume of sickly, oily black smoke conjured up would not be pleasant ones. A few words were said over the body and few eyes were dry, although it was likely they were wet for differing reasons and not all at the tragic loss of Lucy Brightman.

Life goes on )
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After the girls' party wound down, Ami quite literally wove her way back to the teepee. She insisted that she hadn't needed any help, but considering that she hadn't managed to stumble three meters before tripping and weaving, she wound up with Faith as an escort. The other woman explained that her own tent was in that direction, and that she wanted to be certain that Ami didn't stumble into the fire or the ocean.

Methinks the lady doth protest too much )
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Trying to help, a little bit at a time )
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By the time Daniel gathered the majority of the survivors around the cookfire, it was writ on many of the faces that the news had already trickled down the metaphorical grapevine. What was the saying? Good news travels fast, but bad news travels faster?

To know just how he suffered would be dear )
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George was splashing around in the surf with Carlos. Again.

You'd think the girl had never played in the ocean before. )

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