[NPC Ripley]

Date: 2007-06-26 02:56 pm (UTC)
Ripley and Scott would have gotten to the cafeteria a whole lot sooner if he'd let her carry him. "It's not like this is *your* abused body," she'd prodded.

"Doesn't matter," Scott-in-House panted. "I'll walk. With your help."

Finally then entered the cafeteria. May-in-Japanese-guy, Japanese-guy-in-May, Isabel, Rose, Orrie, and Chloe-in-Faith were already there. Ripley deposited Scott in a chair as Isabel was talking. "Something killed Shannon, right in the middle of the bunker. Best not to be alone if you can help it until something can be done about the killer."

Scott's eyes went wide. "Something? What kind of something? Is anyone after it? And has anyone seen Ami?"

Rose gave Scott a reassuring smile. "Haven't seen her, but I'm sure she's fine."

Ripley jumped in before Scott could get himself even more anxious. She walked up to May, her eyes fixed on the sword strapped her her current body's back. "Everyone's being directed here," she tossed over her shoulder. "Between me 'n Isabel's mojo we'll keep you all safe." To May she said, "Cool sword. May I?"

The Japanese guy inhabiting May's body said something in his native tongue that exceeded her beginner's grasp of the language. She turned to him, replying in broken Japanese, "Sorry. I'm Ripley." She gestured at her borrowed body. "This is Sam Tyler. You are?"
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