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Walking back to his mean lean-to, the rain began. First, it started to come down in slow but large drops, but as the minutes progressed, it began to come down with more vigor. The lightning strikes and the thunderclaps, however, made Rodney jump, his expression turned to something akin to fear. He didn't like thunderstorms, not since, well... a few months ago.

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Kenzaki felt both tired and bedraggled. He'd dried out a little during his conversation with Carurosu-san, but it looked like it was going to start raining again as a fat raindrop spattered on his nose. He yawned, more for effect than anything else, though he still felt wiped.

He ambled back to the clothes storage area, looking to scrounge up an umbrella. Once he found one, he smiled. It was a large one, one that would be more than able to shelter more than one person.

Kenzaki saw someone running from the rain, and hurried over with his umbrella.
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George sat cross-legged in the sand near the cookfire, a coconut-shell cup cradled in each hand. Coffee! Real coffee!

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Challenges. While the Doctor might not have realized it at the time, the Timelord did, in effect, issue a challenge to McKay. '...And if you can actually do anything with it, I'll bow to your superior creativity...' This was Dr. Rodney McKay. Of course he could do something with it, given time, tools, and a goodly amount of McGyvering.
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The teepee blocking the bright easterly sun rising over the beach and her late retiring to bed should have helped Ami sleep in a bit, but her biorhythms thrawted her and she awoke fairly early. Ami left Scott sleeping and wandered off to follow what was fast becoming her morning routine: taking an early morning swim and enjoying the sunlight and the morning quiet before the camp fully roused. The only difference was that today she stayed within safe distance and eyeshot of camp, only venturing to the far edges for a minimal amount of privacy, mostly of the mental sort.

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OOC: I'm sorry, Kenzaki needs to be whacked with a clue by four and knocked bleeding into somebody....

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