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Who: Daniel Jackson
When: NOW!
Where: Just outside the lab (initially)
Invited: ALL PLAY
Status: Very Dangerous Complete

Tara's report that George and Chloe had worked out how to fix the bodyswapping problem was very welcome news. Daniel was sure that the Doctor felt likewise. They had started back up the hallway to find George and Chloe get swapped back. Neither of them said anything, but investigating Shannon's--Charlie's--death further could wait. He--or she or they--weren't going anywhere.

Is there a higher power at work here? I mean, are we asking too much out of life? )
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Who: Ash
When: Day 29, (approx. 4 to 6 a.m.)
Invited: ALL PLAY
Status: Complete

Edited to add: Don't sweat the details of how your characters switched bodies. I added the "touching or close by" requirement to give people an out if they didn't want to have their hharacters swap places. Now I'm revoking it. If you want to join in, forget that. It's simply random--if you and another player want to join the party, just do it. Doesn't matter how close you were or weren't.

I may not have gotten every single syllable exactly right.... )
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Who: All Play!
When: Day 28, Early Morning
Where: The Island
Invited: EVERYONE--This is an official GAME EVENT!
Status: Complete

And I'll bet you all always wondered how the characters arrived on the island.... )
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OOC: Please feel free to finish any open threads. This takes place around 1:30AM of Night 5.

And so it begins. )

OOC Thread Clean Up Note: This thread was getting longish. I've pulled out most of the OOCness.
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Team Cockpit is coming from here

They moved out, sometimes making idle small talk, but mostly just listening. At first they listened to Sergeant Blaise as he directed them on how to mark their route and what to look for to find their way back to Camp Crash. Later they listened to the jungle sounds, and Megabyte figured that everyone was involved in his – or her – own thoughts. That's certainly the place where he was.

Something's coming )
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(OOC Note: I borrowed a few characters for this, threw in a couple of things that seemed to fit.)

Day 2: Let's Get This Party Started )
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Nightfall. No Snark Monster (yet) )

[Tagging Everyone]

(OOC Note: ETA: Reply to this, just to set the mood with what the characters are doing. Don't worry the Snark Monster is coming . . .)

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