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Who: Mayday, River, Ripley, Claire, Chris
Where: The Staff, hallway outside of/in Room E
When: Day 28, morning, after/during Search and Rescue
Invited: Anyone wandering down the hall
Status: Incomplete

May hurried down the corridor, balancing a plate of pancakes, a bottle of Tylenol she'd liberated from someone's bag, and two bottles of water with uncanny ease as she sprinted down the hall towards the bedroom. How could she have forgotten the other two they'd left behind - especially the girl who couldn't turn off mind-reading? )
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Who: Ami, Rose, Mayday, Tara
Where: Outside the Medical Facility
When: Day 22 continuing from What You Don't Know (before and during Cops and Sociopaths)
Invited: Open
Status: Complete [Closed]

The sun was a lot warmer and a lot brighter than Ami remembered. It was only when she stepped outside the bunker and blinked in the bright light and smelled the sharp scents of grass and leaves and everything outdoors that she realized precisely how long she had been trapped inside the walls of that bunker. She'd forgotten what the tropical sun felt like, and the way the soft breezes lit across her skin and blew through her hair.

She'd forgotten and she missed it )


Sep. 10th, 2006 08:06 pm
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Who: Chris
Where: Camp Serenity
When: Day 20 late afternoon
Invited: Jack, Dana, River
Status: Complete

Chris has his orders )
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Who: Jack Harkness, River, Dana
Where: Danielle's 'bunker'
When: Day 20, late afternoon
Invited: Open to anyone who can reasonable be there
Status: Complete 

He was getting distracted, and that was bad. He had to focus on the mission first. But he didn't have to be cruel to do it. )
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Who: Captain Jack Harkness
Where: Camp Serenity
When: 20, Mid-morning
Invited: River, Dana Scully, Danielle, open
Status: Complete

Meanwhile, across the island... )

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