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Who: Kenzaki (in Miho's Body)
Where: The cafeteria and thereabouts
When: Nearly noon (about six hours after Who Da Man)
Invited: Anyone in the area
Status: Incomplete

Kenzaki hadn't much clue as to what was going on, except for occasional statements that he understood or were translated for him. Miho's body felt odd, as if everything was sharper and stranger. He hoped that the others would figure it out soon; he was wanting to go on patrol that evening, and he felt far more comfortable if he was doing it in his own body and the ability to use Scarab Undead's form.

He yawned. This was not exciting. He preferred being useful, but he couldn't here. He stepped away, walking into the hallway to exercise his legs a little. He didn't want to go far, but things were a bit crowded.

Date: 2007-06-14 08:19 am (UTC)
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Miho had been looking for Kenzaki, but also getting used to this complex. It was strange, she had assumed that this body was normal Human, but as she had explored the complex she came to the realisation that she wasn't even slightly hungry.

Finally, she decided to seek out Kenzaki and sit in a quiet spot with him. There was much that needed to be discussed.

She saw him walking down the hallway and moved to catch up. His body felt more restrained than her own, so it took her a second or two to get used to the feeling of rushing without running. "Kenzaki-san?" she said, trying not to feel wierded out by the strange inflection in her/his voice. "I think we should talk... There is much I would know about you and I think much you should know about me."


Date: 2007-06-15 09:50 am (UTC)
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Miho watched Kenzaki in her body for a long moment, pondering how best to start. "I have already hinted that my body is strong" reaching up, she made a small gesture that would only have worked with long hair, as if to gather the hair up and pull it out of her face. With Kenzaki's shorter hair, it looked more like she was running her thumbs along her temples.

"You needn;t tell me that there's a similar ... issue with this body." She smiled a little, hoping it was reassuring "The truth is that, well, I'm not totally Human." She shook her head "Not quite. One of my fathers' was a" she paused, making sure noone would overhear her, a paranoia built out of experience "my father was a dragon. My other father was a geneticist."


Date: 2007-06-15 09:12 pm (UTC)
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"Two fathers?" Kenzaki asked quietly. The fact that she was part something, given his own experience, was not that odd. Two fathers, genetic biological fathers?

"Hai" she said, with a small nod. "But one that raised me to be a killer. I was glad to leave him and find my real father."

"I'm not human either," he said, offering information about himself. "Not even half. But I was."

"I have gathered this. It's as if your body was changed to give you more strength, not as if you've had it from birth. It feels different, somehow."


Date: 2007-06-16 07:57 am (UTC)
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Miho listened thoughtfully and as he went through his list, she couldn't help but nod and smile a little. "Apart from the aging and dying thing, we are much the same. I am glad that it is we who swapped, instead of either of us with other.. Humans." She didn't want to add the word Weaker, since she knew that it wasn't the strength in a body that mattered, more what you DID with that strength.

Then something he'd said struck her "If you don't eat, then how do you survive?"


Date: 2007-06-18 01:18 pm (UTC)
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Miho was about to ask Kenzaki something, when a really raucous singing reached her/Kenzaki's sensitive ears. She shivered, wishing the man could hold a tune at least a little. Looking up at him, she wondered who he was, but of course had had little introduction to any of the people here.

Kenzaki seemed to know him, though. So that was good enough for Miho. Standing, she bowed in the respectful mannoer of all Japanese being introduced for the first time.

[House] ...I'm her eighth old man!

Date: 2007-06-18 01:37 pm (UTC)
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The quiet voice wasn't what triggered House to cease his singing, certainly. Who could hear the question over the sound of his own voice. It was the quizzical expression that the young Japanese lad wore, followed by the oh-so-very-polite bow. Obeissance, it would be were it back in Japan, he knew.

"Nope. Dr. House... in this young, healthy... and very noisy body; not sure how he handles it. Just back from a jog." The medico in Scott's body doesn't really break stride, nor does he stop his chanson for long, as he continues to head down the corridor towards the bathroom. A quick shower, then perhaps a bite to eat...

"She wouldn't have a Willy or a Sam!"

He didn't get more than a couple steps away from the pair, however, before he tripped on.. a flat floor?, and stumbled, holding a hand out for the wall to keep himself from going down, and the pain, the aches, all came flooding back into him, and he was elsewhere for a moment, falling to the ground in the suddenness of it.

In a split second, however, his contact with his own body was once again severed, and he found himself in the corridor, looking out from Scott's form. He had to take a deep, full breath to even try to begin to clear his eyes, his head was a lost cause. "Or maybe I'll lie down..."


Date: 2007-06-19 09:36 am (UTC)
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Miho is opting to be quiet, so waiting for House's response.


Date: 2007-06-19 09:48 pm (UTC)
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House was feeling a little more than dizzy, as the onrush of emotions come through, thanks to his inability to pick up the tune immediately after the swap/reswap. His legs buckled under him, and with Kenzaki's help... in Miho's body? he was heaved, effectively, back to his feet, though unsteadily.

"Lie down... Just the thing. I'll... just get to my room, close my eyes, and maybe all this will go away, and I'll wake up back in Jersey." Everyone had a point at which they broke, and while Greg was strong, the whole 'alien', 'temporal physics', weird deserted island was really beginning to get to him.

Fear. Anger. Lust...

"In the jungle, the mighty jungle..." It was an attempt, and as Greg-in-Scott's body nodded to Miho.. er.. Kenzaki-in-Miho's body, he took a step forward to get off his feet and to his room.

"Home, James."

[House in Scott's body] From the door--

Date: 2007-06-16 07:50 pm (UTC)
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"I-----'m 'En-er-y the Eighth I am, 'En-er-y the Eighth I am, I am.. I got married to the widda next door..."

The voice boomed from the door of the medical facility, and as the door shut behind him, the figure singing was in the form of Scott, but obviously, oh-so-not him. Dr. House had his run, and having just gotten back, had recalled something he'd read in his youth-- a book by one Alfred Bester. How to keep the voices in your head out? Put something there, your choice. A mantra, as it were. The choice was obvious, at least to him. Pick the most obnoxious, most-likely-to-remain song ever. And Herman's Hermits won. Hands down.

OOC laughter

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ROTFL! *giggles*

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