Feb. 21st, 2007

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Who: Scott, Ami
Where: The Staff, Ami and Scott's room
When: Day 28
Invited: Ami, anyone who dares barge in
Status: Complete

The only good thing about Ami being unconscious was the time it gave Scott to reacquaint himself with his presumed possessions in their room. After lying Ami on the bed and triple-checking her vitals, he'd locked the door, then examined the video camera mounted to the ceiling. Although it didn't pan and no lights glowed, Scott dragged a chair beneath it to stand on. Closer inspection said that the camera was indeed off. He unplugged the output cable just to be sure.

Scott shook his head as he climbed down from the chair. (Not only am I empathic, telepathic, telekinetic, a scientist, and a healer? with a telepath in my head, but a paranoid one. Great.) Rather than contemplate that further he poured his nervous energy into searching the room.

A half hour later... )
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Who: Chloe aka Coppertone Girl
Where: Various rooms
When: Just after the Psychic Grenade goes off
Invited: Anyone who wants to horn in
Status: Complete

"That's it," Chloe announced after the very protective boyfriend--as least he acted like a boyfriend--carried Ami out of the cafeteria. Things were spiraling out of control, with meteor freaks--(Meteor freaks?)--popping out of the woodwork. It all felt strangely familiar, save that she felt like there was someone missing. Someone who ought to be here to set things right.

Chloe goes into Sleuth Mode )
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Who: Parker Blaise
Where: The Infirmary
When: After the Psychic Grenade went off
Invited: Damon, May, Claire (and Aaron), Locke, Daisy, anyone else who care to show up
Status: Complete

The infirmary was just where Daniel Jackson said it was. Blaise followed "Terry" and his lovely blonde companion (wife? girlfriend?) on the short walk through the corridor. May helped the red haired Brit along as well, though he seemed to be recovering. His girlfriend or wife or whatever followed along with the child.

Terry opened the door and held it for everyone. Blaise followed the blonde into the room, admiring the way the dress fit her as she walked. Then he glanced around and was thoroughly impressed by the infirmary. It seemed to be very complete...which brought up an important question.

Blaise turned to the others. "Does anyone here have any reason to think he--or she--might be a doctor? I seem to have some first aid training, but that's about it."

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