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Vala's Island )

OOC: On the subject of creative "title-y" cuts: Text. I forgot the word "text". Some days...
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Continued from Here

She still didn't make a damn bit of sense one way or another, but Sawyer had gotten some thing useful out of Sybil. She wasn't alone on this piece of paradise in the middle of nowhere, she had some sort of doctor lookin' out for her.

Time to ditch the Crazy )
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George stumbled to a halt and thrust the honking huge first aid kit at Dr. Pierson.  "Here," she said.  "One first aid kit, just like you wanted."

She looked down at Eric, who was apparently still unconscious.  He was actually kind of cute in a stubble-y, and currently alarming pale kind of way.  She knew he wasn't going to die today because he wasn't on her list, or Daisy's.  But that was no assurance that he wouldn't die tomorrow, or the day after.

"Is he going to live?" she asked abruptly.  She looked at Dr. Pierson.  "Can you save him--now that you have that stuff?"

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Let's get all the useless people under cover, shall we? )

Tagging House, maybe Matt & Veronica? Misc NPCs - Blaise, Hurley, Charlie, Sun, Jin.. Rose? - and anyone else unable to help with lifting n shifting..
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Continued from here

Sergeant Parker Blaise watched one of the Golden Children of the SGC rip off his jacket and shove it in the closest available pack, which happened to formerly belong to Major Powell, and swear in several different languages, none of which Parker spoke.

Dr. Jackson takes control )

[open tag]

[OOC Note: Daniel's first response below is to Ripley. Then, I assume, George arrives, and he responds to George.]
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Because there just isn't enough NPC fun. )

[tag Veronica]

OOC Note: Yes, Sun is actually speaking Korean to Veronica. Not English.
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George watched Jack Shephard vanish into whatever afterlife awaited him. The glowing portal faded away but George didn't move. She stood with her hands in her pockets, staring into the jungle where the portal had been, waiting. No, not waiting. Delaying. Procrastinating.

George makes a discovery )
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Ami returns to the land of the wakeful )

[open tag to anyone who wants to jump in]

OOC Note: Edited to change Ami's course of thoughts near the end there.
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Continued from here

"I don't think they're keeping their presence here a secret," Ash said, not bothering to hide his sarcasm. "Or they wouldn't be running around delivering babies. They'd just hunker down in their super-secret fortress and leave us to the elements."

"Besides," He added after craning his neck for another look at the military doctor, who was arguing with some ass carrying a cane, "I don't think they're Army anyway. Looks like Air Force to me." He studied the shoulder patch for another moment, trying to make sense of it. Secret Government Compound? Surgeon General's Command? That might explain the guy being a doctor.

Ash muttered, "What the hell is the SGC anyway?"
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Daisy had finished her drink and was just sitting quietly in the cool darkness of the torn fuselage. Daisy meets Locke )

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